Saturday, March 15, 2014

Kickstarter - Part Four + Yuma a little

Have been in Yuma, AZ for last couple weeks and have been quite busy here.  Am surprised how "busy" the "old" folks are, and how welcoming they are for a young whipper snapper like me to be amongst them.

Am at the KOFA KO-OP and was here last December.  It was wonderful then and is wonderful again.  Most of the people here are simply amazing, very friendly, and all that happy jazz.  While here they also had a chapter rally.  I also went to a Scooter Rally while in Vegas and will be posting about that soon.  Short story of it is wasn't overly enthused, but was nice to see how others did it.  Judging by what saw at this rally it's one reason I miss the Firkin's, as they know how to throw a GREAT rally!

Kickstarter, Funded!

Cami Lundeen's Debut Album

Her music is generally not my type of thing, but I stumbled across her as she's local to Vashon Island, which I was a resident of for about eighteen (18) months.  This island is a little slice of paradise and I will be back there "soon"...  It's wonderful!

Cami's music wasn't really my thing, though she does a really great job at it!  Can truly see her passion come through as she's there strumming on her guitar and belting out the tunes.  Truly into it.  She had a CD launch party on the island just prior to me leaving.  It was in a gem of a place, hidden among the trees.  Wasn't able to stay, but met quite a few people I knew on the island.

It's super rewarding to support local musicians, or anyone local, in fulfilling one of their dreams!

Lace Anchors 2.0

This is another local type project which I would've not really funded on my own, but it is based in Anacortes, WA., which I have been to as part of a Bike Week.  It is also one of the kicking off points (i.e. ferry ride) to Canada and the San Juan Islands.  (Baked a wood fired oven on one of those).

I am very happy that got this as it really works!  Don't think would pay retail price for them as it's simply little pieces of plastic, but keeps laces organized and transforms laced shoes into something like penny loafers.  Slip on and forget!  I thought it was very innovative, and wonderful!  Wonder if could 3D print something similar, hmmmm.


Backed this project as it was, and is, a very unique take on games, with a very different story line.  Am a little disappointed in it, primarily at length of game.  The game itself is very in depth and complex and there's a myriad of options to choose and ways to accomplish the final mission.  It is very well put together, with lots of voice acting.  Thoroughly enjoyed playing this game, just wish it was a lot longer!

This is one of the times wish had waited...  Still worthy but better if waited.

Kickstarter, NOT Funded!

Bloom: Memories

This project is under the not funded section, but it was relaunched (happily) and so will be including it in the funded section also.  Backed it as it looks like a simply good game.  Somewhat unique in it's "health" system.

The Temple of the Sun and the Moon

I was hoping that this would project would achieve success.  It sadly lacked the proper number of backers, though it's hard to imagine what type of game we would've gotten for only $5,000.  However, I backed it primarily to support the individual which created the project.  He threw his dream out there and we NEED to support everyone's dreams (within our own reason of course).

Milan - An Animated Supernatural Series

Can't really remember why backed this project...  Maybe something to do with the Supernatural, simply not sure!

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  1. I'm waiting to see the write up on the scooter rally. I hope all is well King Richard take care my friend.

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