Saturday, March 14, 2015

Solomon's Castle

It's been a long while since have been here.  Arrived early, way too early, as there wasn't a single car in the parking lot so I got my pick of spots.  Of course, picked one closest to the entrance.

I don't remember all the details so this post will be shorter than average, but did want to highlight a couple of things.

Exterior view
With exception of a little help on things that were too big, or required specialized items, the owner/artist of Solomon's Castle did everything himself.  The shiny-ness that is the exterior of the building is actually used printing plates from one of the local newspapers.  If were to look on other side of it would see news for that day in the aluminum.

Choo Choo
One thing that truly amazed me is all the sculptures, and other artwork, he has made, seemingly from junk.  Wish I was able to get his creative inspiration and do things like saw on the tour, like this train.  In the album can see another picture of the inside of it.


Last item I'll highlight (but take note of the chess set) is this framed thing he did.  It's a replica of a famous painting, but pretty sure it's more of a sculpture instead of a painting.  One of my old co-workers who helped me learn COBOL (thanks Frank) was a huge fan of the original artist that made it famous.

Will be leaving Florida in a month or so to start my westward trek.  Really miss the west coast!  It's starting to get warm and icky here....

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