Sunday, November 6, 2016

Two fer me

Aaaaah, it is after a long search I can finally post this...  It's a relief, and not anything remotely political, except desire to vote!!!!!!

But first.  The middle one is mine, all the rest aren't.

BEER, plus a qlemonade, middle one is MINE!

I was just in Las Vegas, then Saturday drove up to Merced, CA. (covered below), and then drove to Pahrump, NV to vote!  On the way to Pahrump decided wanted to go through Death Valley.  It was a very interesting trip, but added an extra 2-3 hours to the day.  It wasn't so much extra mileage, but, well, hills...  Them thar hills...  Chug up the hills and crawl down the hills.  It was a nice trip though.

Spent Saturday night at a Walmart in Bakersfield, CA.  In the morning, about an hour or so after leaving Bakersfield, remembered about this brewery I went to several years ago and that I'd pass near there.  As you know, I have an edict to get as many local craft brews as possible in my journey.  So, while I still had cell phone service (lost it couple times), and while rememberd the brewery, found the brewery and plugged it into the GPS, and off I went.

Arrived at the brewery a little after it opened and the lady who was there helped me choose which beers.  I chose the higher alcohol content ones, so they'll last the journey.  The only caveat is the I.P.A., which is about 9.5% alcohol.  Have been told that the hoppy characteristics fade after time.  When I brought this up to the lady (vaguely remember someone like her last time) she said that the spring water they use would keep the hoppy characteristics..  Well, who am I to argue with a lady so took her at her word.  Am sure I'll find out if it keeps.

I traveled again primarily so could go vote, and also planned it to go check out a motorcycle, which is a 2003 BMW F 650 GS.  Wound up driving 455 miles, or so, to Merced, CA., from Las Vegas, NV., to see this.  I then drove about 440 miles (if took the highway) from Merced, CA. to Pahrump, NV.  All in all it was a long trip, and I contributed to the California economy by buying about 38 gallons of diesel fuel.  One of the highlights was meeting a very nice indian gas station shop keeper, along with an older native american patron.

When people first told me that the best experiences they had while RV'ing was to meet people, thought they were crazy.  Well, it turns out that is the case.  On the other hand, also meet some bungholes now and then..

The guy I met that was selling this motorcycle seems like an honest and good natured guy.  He had the bike for a year, hardly rode it (~600 miles), and wanted it to go to a good home.  According to him, the bike has been down to Central / South America, as well as some places around Merced.  It currently has ~24,000 miles on it, which is young for a BMW engine, as well as having had oil change and maintenance done at a dealer recently.  He gave me a copy of the pre-buy inspection that was done when he bought it and everything seemed legit and on par.

On the bike did notice some bird droppings as well as couple scuff marks on the plastic.  There is also some rust, primarily around bolts and such.  This rust is generally a sign of being kept outside uncovered, so nothing overly alarming to me.  Am not looking for a show bike.  Others can have that.  Wiggled and wobbled and prodded stuff, couldn't find anything wrong.  I even rubbed engine oil between my fingers (saw in movies) and smelled it.  Smelled normal from as far as could tell.

I wound up making an offer, which he thought about for a few seconds before accepting, and then we preceded to fill out the paperwork (title, bill of sale, etc), and the like.  Then came the interesting part of loading it on the back..

BMW and Scooter

As can be seen, they barely fit together.  The handlebar brush guard on the BMW interferes with my sideview mirror on the scooter.  The toolbox also is a bit too far back and not sure what will do to resolve that, but that'll come in time and will document further as time goes on.

Will update after have ridden it.  I don't pre-drive anything, and such is the case with this.

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