Sunday, April 20, 2014

Las Vegas Scooter Rally 2014

It's been a long time coming and didn't know exactly how would "rate" this rally.  The thing is, each rally is unique and great in their own special ways.

I was only able to show up for Saturday as had to leave on Sunday for Yuma.  I purposely missed a trip to the goat farm (couldn't truly confirm when it was by calling) in order to attend this rally.  In hindsight (20/20) think I would've had more fun visiting the goat farm.

One of my current big things is to help support local as much as I can when traveling.  This is very important to me as it helps the local economy and helps get money out of the big corporations hands.  As we see wages dropping this is becoming more and more important.  The money MUST stay as low in the food chain as it can and not pay CEO's ~$500,000 a day (depending on CEO) for "maximizing shareholder value" while reducing American value.  Will stop here before get carried away.

This is the full album from the scooter rally.

The rally itself was OK for this Saturday morning/afternoon.  Had problems finding where the scooters were at this casino as didn't pay attention to the map.  Arrived around 10 am and there were quite a few scooters, only to double as the day progressed.

Started walking around, with my bright "safety orange" Firkin Scooter club T-shirt, to spread some Firkin blessings.

Overall I wasn't generally impressed by this rally.  There didn't seem to be any cohesive bond (as an outsider) that I was aware of.  It also seemed like the organizer (one person) was from out of town.  Don't quote me on this, but it truly looked like proceeds of the overall rally didn't benefit the club(s) in Vegas.  Even the website for the rally doesn't specify anything about the local clubs, just the total attendance.

The $30 Rally pack was not what am used to in the Seattle/Tacoma area.  The patch was fairly nice but even these aren't all that expensive in bulk.

Did see a handful of people from Seattle.  Forgive me for not remembering names, but would like to say that they drove 18+ hours down while towing their scoots on a trailer.

While great to visit other Scooter communities, next time think I'll pass on this one!  The dogs there were really kool though!

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  1. Hey buddy, bummer you didn't have a better time at the rally. If you would have been at the 2nd annual Fireball 420 you would have had a big smile on your face! If Tessa gets ahold of the picture of the bulldog in the side car I am sure she would have me searching to buy one for Norman. Picked up a scooter at AF1 huh.... I am intrigued...

    We miss you King Richard