Monday, May 12, 2014

Bern's Steakhouse!

This past Sunday I made it down to Fort Myers to see some relatives who live there, and it was a great, but long trip.  From where am currently at it's about a three hour drive down.  Decided to take the backroads and was blown away, almost literally, by amount of bugs which impact the windshield...  It was icky.

However, my main point of this post is my trip to Bern's Steakhouse, located in Tampa, FL.  Took a trip to St. Petersburg where went to visit another friend, but think they left the state and went up north as didn't see them home.  Didn't have their phone number so tried to drop in unannounced.

After leaving St Petersburg made my way to Tampa, and Bern's!

This place is known throughout the world, and people fly in specifically to eat here, then fly out.  I managed to arrive a little after five, and was unable to get a table.  There was still a line at the front desk.  However, was able to sit at the bar and was not disappointed!

From the outside it doesn't look like much, but the secret, with most everything, is what's on the inside.  Inside it's truly amazing.  One thing I was disappointed about is that they got rid of their live fish tank.  They used to have live fish and you could pick out a specific fish and they would cook that specific one up for you, after cleaning and all that happy jazz.

One of the key specialties here is their beef.  They take great pride, and care, of their beef.  It is dry aged for at least 30 days and kept in a special climate controlled room to age their beef in the best way possible.  It's also cooked over real wood, which is truly superb!

On this visit I had an 8 ounce filet mignon and it was just amazing!  Beyond amazing actually!  It came with a baked potato, some greens, and couple other yummy things.  For the price, and what we get, it's actually a really good value!  Not sure if could eat here often if lived in the area, but while sitting at the bar talked to a couple who actually did that, and they were quite happy!

After the scrumptious meal, have the option of going on a tour of the kitchen, and the wine cellar, both are amazing!

The kitchen is a well oiled machine, and each area has their own specialty, from salads to the grill, to dish cleaning, even a bar in the kitchen (for the dining room) where drinks are made and sent out.  There is even a specific meat carving station!  The tour is quick, efficient, and get a good idea of the whole process and what it takes to run such a great establishment!

The wine cellar...  OH MY GOODNESS!  If was drinking again would be in pure heaven.  This cellar is amazing!  The guy who gave me the tour said it was the largest of it's kind, in the world!  They have one at the restaurant, and a separate one which contains double amount of wine stored here.  They have bottles ranging all the way from present and back to 1815.  Their most expensive bottle of wine believe is about $40,000.00.  When people generally have these wines though, it's typically done upstairs in the Harry Waugh Desert room!

First came here about ten years ago, and now every time am in the area this is a must stop destination.  It truly is that wonderful!

Everyone I talked to here was easily approachable and very happy to talk and chat.  Talked with this one older lady (sorry, forget your name), for a good solid thirty minutes, was a very wonderful conversation!  She was there using a gift card she got for her birthday!  She taught me a long in our short thirty minutes in that it's still sinking in!

Will be going back one more time before leave the area, it's truly that good! People are amazing, booze is amazing, and of course, the food is drop dead gorgeous!

Also, must say RIP to the Roaring 20's Pizza place...  That was on my list to visit but they're no longer in operation..


  1. Hey man, I met you yesterday on I-4.
    What state are you visiting next?

  2. Hey, was on the road constantly. Am up in Rhode Island, was great to see you! Still remember your bike!