Monday, May 5, 2014

Fast Mover...

It was a busy time for me, the last couple of weeks.  After picking up scooter from AF1 Racing (more on that later as it's not complete), took off and headed east.  My goal was to reach Orlando, FL fast as possible.  Only minor problem is that it was a busy time at the office and was putting in long hours to get tasks completed.

I had to cover about 1,100 miles prior to May 1st.  Started off doing an hour or two a day, bouncing between one truck stop and another.  This is actually a fairly nice way of doing it, though have to keep an eye on the house batteries as they tend to draw down with the refrigerator (runs on propane mostly), and lights/computer useage.  Have a couple of power inverters, to convert 12 Volts of Direct Current (V DC) into 120 Volts of Alternating Current (V AC).  Using these a lot draws down the battery faster as there is always some loss when converting any electricity from DC to AC, or vice versa.

Don't really recall all of the places where I stopped, but some of the highlights were:

Truck stop just east of downtown Houston. Loud, noisy, right next to I10 on ramp in the concrete jungle.  Icky but good for a day.

Truck stop just east of Mobile, AL.  Restaurant called Marci's Antique Club was near here, about 15 minutes away.  It was a wonderful little eatery, a lot of great character, and the food was pretty good too.

It was pretty mild, and mostly sunny, on the way east.  Didn't hit the real muggy weather until Mobile and Est.  When left Mobile to head east more, turned on the generator to run the roof mount AC unit.  This was necessary as humidity was just up there.  I was fortunate enough to miss the really horrible weather in the Florida panhandle.

One neat thing which happened... As was nearing destination, while on the Florida Turnpike, looked down at the odometer that was still reading ERR1 (always has), and had feeling to jab the buttons one more time..  This time the jabbing paid off and the odometer is now displaying real, honest to goodness numbers!  YAY

Had to make it to Orlando area due to the Business Development conference I attended.  It was located at the Florida Mall, where it was last year.  Very interesting and worthwhile!

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