Monday, May 11, 2015

Thought of the day?

While listening to a radio show (Coast to Coast AM), Glynnis McCants (The Numbers Lady) was on the air.  She was talking about numerology and what those numbers mean.  During her time on the show she talked about something that truly relates to this quote, and that's when I found this quote.

Some people believe in coincidences, some think it's just chance.  This follows along the same line in that people keep dwelling on older thoughts and clinging to long held memories thinking, hoping something will change.  Nothing won't change until let go of the things which hold us back.

We're not down trodden.
We're not taken advantage of.
We're what we think we are, nothing more, nothing less.

So live to this statement, it'll be YOUR legacy.

C.G. Jung Quote

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