Wednesday, November 4, 2015

San Antonio trip

Went to San Antonio again this year for a convention.  While there at the convention, one of my friends has a son that lives there, who used to be a muckety muck in the gaming industry, and still plays games, mainly board games.  I spent quite a few hours, on a wonderfully lazy Sunday, playing board games with him.  While didn't win every game had a blast learning and exploring new things!

Indian Chief
He enjoys showing friends around the fine city of San Antonio, TX., and he brought a few of us to see a light show at San Fernando Cathedral.  I managed to get some good pictures, but didn't take them early enough.  The light show shared some of the history of San Antonio, and the U.S. in general.

The whole light show was amazing, and something I would have never gone to see if I wasn't brought there myself, so many thanks go out to him, and his girlfriend, for expanding my world!  The images was very clear and synchronized to music.

On the other side of plaza, same side of the street, there's a large building.  I was told, by our "tour guide", that the image was projected from that building, up near the top.  I was unable to see the bright light, or even the light "rays", so will have to take him at his word.  The music played from speakers in the general vicinity of the plaza.  We brought some folding chairs, but they also had limited seating via picnic tables and chair secured to the concrete.  The chairs did swivel so that was a plus!

NO idea....
There is a food vendor and a drink vendor.  I got some Gatorade and a banana flavored sherbert type thing on a stick.  Was actually hoping for ice cream and was little disappointed, but it did support a small local business so was happy'ish.

Our convention was at the Convention Center downtown.  I was also there last year, but strange enough didn't write about it.  I stayed at a Carefree "Resort" right near downtown.  It is almost a straight shot (three miles) to the convention center.  If I took the bus, it was about a fifteen minute trip and cost $1.20.  An Uber generally cost about $10.00 and was much faster.

The campground, or "resort", is actually a fairly nice one, and very convenient to downtown.  However, it does come with a somewhat hefty price tag.  Due to location of the convention center it's also not too cost effective to drive downtown, even my scooter, so best choice was to take public transit.  Did meet some great people on the bus, including a military veteran who I chatted with until my stop.  He was upbeat and positive, but started lamenting about our government.....  Enough said there for the moment.

The convention itself is about health care, and about introducing people to the benefits of taking care of themselves with natural, and organic based products.  There are quite a few well respected people there who have built large multi-national businesses, simply by spreading the word and allowing people to test drive products themselves, no front loading involved.

This will be of interest to most of the women out there, well, probably all of the women, in that a new skin care line was just launched.  To launch the product line in the U.S. (was available elsewhere at least to a limited extent) was a former buyer of skin care products for Neiman Marcus, who couldn't stop giving glowing praise for these where she generally doesn't.  Even her husband, a former Special Forces soldier, was impressed with the Shower Gel, even buying one of those frilly little scrubber things for himself.  She was saying that, among all the samples she received as a buyer, this stuff truly rocked her world.

True Elements Marine Organic Skin Care

  • Nourishing Face Cream
  • Nutritional Mask
  • Refreshing Tonic Lotion
  • Stimulating Shower Gel
  • Velvet Cleansing Milk
  • Youth Activ Eye Syrum
  • Youth Activ Syrum

There were numerous other things announced, and in no particular order:

  • Membership changes, personal improvement and an e-commerce web page included
  • Broad, and sweeping, market optimization price changes
    • Price changes to make Organic'ish products competetive in market place
    • General price lowering of many products to be more affordable
  • More changes coming January 1st, 2016
  • More of a movement towards keeping products unique and unparalleled through patent protection

There are many benefits, and many profound stories, of people who have taken control of their health, and lives, by controlling their environment and how they nurture their bodies.

Of particular interest to me, and I like to think had manifested this myself with the Law of Attraction, is that I was called to the stage as winner of a prize.  YAY me!  The prize is a dinner for two, at a restaurant of my choice, up to a certain dollar limit.  It can be anyplace I choose and might wait till I get to Las Vegas to take advantage of the free dinner.  One never knows what'll happen in Vegas, or on the road to Vegas.  Not everything has to stay in Vegas.

In similar health related news that should be making headlines, is a CDC whistleblower.  I heard of him by listening to Coast to Coast AM, specifically their show concerning a Retrovirus Revelation, where it's linked to some common, and generally more modern, health issues.  Supposedly the whistle blower talks about a large coverup (in government, really?  surprised!).  It was difficult to not find a smear article on him, and found what I personally think is a neutral article, but never heard of the ladies website before.

I'm not one to judge, I read, absorb, and make my own informed decision based on the facts I can find.  Unfortunately it's hard to find the really good facts unless scour far corners of the internet, or talk to people who are in the know, if they can back it up with facts and not hyperbole.

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