Thursday, August 25, 2016

Adventure bike searching

So, it's been forever and a day since have posted, due to various reasons.  However, am in the market now for an adventure bike.

Have found a near perfect one, in Idaho someplace, yet, as is typical with Craigslist, one or both parties begin to flake out....  Or are unbelievers unless standing directly in front of them, or for a whole host of other reasons...

It's maddening, and saddening, and all that other happy jizz jazz.

This is the first picture of the bike....  It's a 650CC DAKAR, one of the best rated adventure bikes around, very well respected for beginner through advanced riders.


The second picture (on the right):

Please wish me all the luck in getting it.

Am on an island right now and can't easily get it unless pay a $100 ferry fare, plus 60 gallons of disel fuel (will let you do the math), plus a full day of time as will be travelling at RV speeds (not the fastest).

Am needing to plan ahead as have a little trailer thingie on the back that will hold two bikes, yet have a tool box in place of one bike....

Really hoping this person will work with me.  Will add another post with the outcome.

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