Monday, September 5, 2016

Craigslisters, a special breed....

In my prior post have detailed identified that am looking for a specific adventure bike.  My goal is to get a decent bike, at a decent price, with a minimum of hassle.  I made that post to hopefully prove to the seller I was very serious, at the time.

There are those among us, even me sometimes, that make life soo much more difficult, without any reason, than it should be.  Here is the general conversation I had with the current owner of said bike.

Me:  Send inquiry to seller asking for details, explaining on island by Seattle, etc.

Seller:  Respond with details

Me: Ask seller other questions, explain am 300 miles away, plus ferry ride

Seller:  Respond with additional details

Me:  Explain to seller am long distance, would rather not spend all day driving until am ready to leave, if they would hold the bike till I got there, with a non-refundable deposit.

Seller: I found out who you are (by e-mail address), answers my additional questions

Me:  Am wigged out, don't respond for a few days

Me:  Respond, apologizing, and explain why was silent.  Asked if they'll hold bike till can get there if put down a deposit of their liking, and seeing what they want to feel comfortable I'm real.

Them: photo copy of license would help gain trust.

Me: Send license and also offering to pay in full, sight unseen (I would've), over couple e-mails

Them:  Sorry, someone is coming here to buy bike tomorrow.

Me:  Thanks them, send best wishes

Me:  Watches craigslist, a few days later, it's still there, sends follow-up inquiry

Them: No response

Me:  A few days later, still on Craigslist, sends follow up response, asking if can have local motorcycle shop look at bike, and send a non-refundable deposit for their time and effort

Them: Sorry, don't want to deal with you, it's complicated long distance

Me:  Thanks them for truthful answer.  Sends best wishes

Them: Please don't contact me again, will never sell bike to you.  I've only been truthful

Someplace early on in this e-mail exchange the seller tries to call me (provided phone number), I'm not available, so try to call back, they don't answer, and we keep up the cat and mouse e-mail game.


While this isn't the exact sequence of events, it's pretty close and valid for an example.

Now, this is where it's ended as I will respect their wishes.  Am sure this "conversation" is typical of a Craigslist deal gone sour.  I still do want the bike, and would jump through hoops to get it, but apparently won't get this one, even though it's seemingly ideal.  It looks like that no matter what I offered to help make the seller comfortable, it just wasn't going to happen.

Their final response is what gets me..  "Always been truthful"..  While, on the surface, I can't prove any wrong doing on their part, nor would it matter at this stage, but there are a few things that strike me as untruthful on their end.

First is that I've always explained that it'd cost me extra to go there right now, but am willing to do so.  The seller never said NO at any point up until the end.  However, the final answer illustrates, to me, that they already had a preconceived notion that they would only deal with locals, hence a little untruthfullness, in my view.

Second is, after they said there's a lot of local interest, I mentioned that would monitor Craigslist and see if bike is available, and if so, contact them when am in the area.  This didn't earn any brownie points and they are still uninterested.

Third is where they said someone is coming to buy the bike tomorrow, but listing is never removed, signifying bike is still for sale.  While that phrase was probably true at that point in time, I have a feeling that they were just trying to brush me off quickly as they thought my intentions weren't valid.

Anyone who knows me can vouch that I live up to my word, unless outside circumstances prevent me fulfilling of my word.  It is so in this case, or would've been, had the seller been willing to put forth a little good faith in a way that they would never lose (i.e. non refundable deposit).

In my limited experience Craigslist sellers want to put forth as little effort, per person, as required, to make the sale, instead of putting forth a fair amount of effort for some seemingly interested people.  I think that this in turn leads to them, generally, spending more time than they should trying to sell their item(s), as well as being on an emotional roller coaster till it's sold.

What I've written can be taken in differing ways.  Some will agree with the seller, some will agree with me, and that's all good and fair.  It's just my take on the events that unfolded.

So, it is with this, that the ideal bike vanishes in a puff of smoke, but there is sure to be another fish in the wide open ocean, someplace....

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