Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Summary of my "recent" travels

As haven't updated my travels lately, this is a summary of where have been, and maybe a sneak peek at where will be going.

Las Vegas, NV - Spent about two months here and nary did I gamble, well, except during a class where we played craps.  As a single guy, really wanted to spend Christmas and New Years here, so I did just that, then a couple extra months.  While here replaced a couple items on the RV, most notably the tie rod ends.  Have attached a short video (didn't watch and didn't use video) of the process.  I didn't do the work as met someone there that did it for me..  YAY.  I also attended a course presented by Dr. Joe Gallenberger about manifesting.  It was amazing and met quite a few quality people.  There were a few negative nellies and think that brought the whole group down a notch.  I would highly recommend this course nonetheless.

Yuma, AZ - Spent over a month here, both before and after Vegas and stayed at the Escapee Coop that is there.  I know quite a few people here and it's always a great time, so long as things don't dissolve into partisan politics.  Have mentioned it before, in RV parks it's not Democrats vs Republicans, it's Park Models vs non Park Models.  It's not overly apparent at this park, but in other parks it is.  While here also traveled to Mexico to get some dental work done.  It's about 25% of the cost of going to an American dentist.  I like buying american, and do when possible, but the last couple dentists have been to it seems like they're fleecing me, but that could be just me.  Am sure the cost is cheaper if go deeper into Mexico.  The border towns are notoriously overpriced because of us gringos.

Bridgeport, TX - Don't recall when was here specifically, but do remember coming here and spent a couple of weeks.  It is just North west of Dallas / Ft Worth area.  Did find it strange, that no matter size of town, it seems like all the small towns I went through getting here had at least one donut shop.  Not sure how that speaks to overall health of Texas denizens, just thought was an interesting observation.  In this town, I went to two donut shops, plus a good restaurant or two.  The donut shops always gave you an extra "something", be it a donut, small bag of donut holes, etc., when purchasing some products.  I always purchased apple fritters (yes yes, I know), but they were pretty darn good!

Orlando, FL - Nothing overly special about this visit, though did visit a dinner tournament thing.  Had a nice tomato bisque soup, some chicken, and don't recall what else, all without silverware.  Plus, there was awesome horsemanship.  The horses seemed well cared for also.  The dinner was a little pricey but think it is worth it once in awhile, just due to the show.  I also went to a local Waffle House, and yum yum.  Brought my real butter and real maple syrup every time I went.  Really enjoy the waffles but hate the fact they use margarine and fake syrup.  Also went to Bok Tower, which was a refreshing experience.

Wauchula, FL - Came back here, didn't do much.  Did get some work done on the RV again at the local mechanic (Big Daddy).  Also played cards at night with everyone.  Came at end of season so started to quiet down really fast, and heat up, but was good to come here.  Also put my name on the waiting list for a lot there.  There is no age limit and it'll take about five years to get to the #1 spot, though have already dropped quite a bit last I looked at the waiting list, and it won't be updated until November.  There are also quite a few interesting activities in the area, such as the great ape sanctuary, Solomon's Castle, and lots of undiscovered things.

Asheville, NC - Can I just say one word, AMAZING!!!  Campground I stayed at was really packed like sardines, but still had a good time.  There was a babbling stream behind the RV and would go out back some nights and just stare, listen, and be mesmerized.  Went to the Biltmore and was truly taken aback by the whole estate.  Spent one whole day just roaming the main mansion, the winery, etc.  There was even horses to rent but it seemed as if these ones are just trained to follow a path and just plod along.  Also went to the winery on the grounds.  Didn't see a vineyard though did go on a tour of how they make the wine.

Cedar Rapids, IA - Stayed at a local county park here, and most every day went to the local Capriotti's and had a Capastrami.. My oh my do I miss going to this chain.  They still use quality pastrami (looking at you Subway) that is very lean.  I generally get the Capastrami with an extra package of meat..  Now, I don't want to know what type of "gunk" is added to the Pastrami, but my oh my, is it ever delicious!

Sioux Falls, SD - Came here and explored a little.  Couple reasons stopped here, first was that it was about halfway to my next destination of Montana, from Cedar Rapids.  Second is a combination.  Wanted to see the badlands, and also Mt. Rushmore.  Able to get both done in one stop.  Was a little saddened about Mt. Rushmore.  It was great but not quite what had expected.  However, while on the way there saw a steam train, so when I left, went and found the steam train and took a ride!!!!  The train ride was amazing, with exception of how many times they blew the whistle..  Four times for every time we crossed the road, and there were about 15 or more road crossings.  It was still amazing and I sat as far away from the whistle as possible.  The steam train heated steam by burning used engine oil somehow.  There is also a great mom and pop restaurant not far from the campground with an older biker guy as one of the owners (him and his wife).  Really pleasant to talk to.  Here also picked up a washer/dryer combo unit, like the ones that are in use all throughout Europe.  The Splendida 7100XC is the one found on Craigslist, and on way back from looking at it, the thermostat on my scooter decided to lockup.  Took a while to get used to the drying cycle, and had to replace / fix a couple things (the pump was one), and now it's running like a champ!

Missoula, MT'ish - Stayed with a friend who lives not far from Missoula, MT.  Was there for 3-4 weeks overall, though spent some time at a campground when the temperature approached 90 degrees, just so could run the air conditioners..  Have to keep cats and all happy!  It was great here other than not having a scooter.  Couldn't explore all that much though did have fun hanging out with all sorts of Permaculture people, from great to small and all in between.

Hot Springs, MT - Well, really enjoyed this place but had to leave unexpectedly as couldn't get good, or any, WiFi at the RV campground.  Had perfect WiFi if up around Main Street, or at the Symes Hotel, which were both equidistant from me.  Had enough of a WiFi signal at campground to sign up, and of course pay, but nothing substantial after that so had to leave.  While here had the pleasure of seeing Michael Pilarski (Skeeter) again and attended a tour at one of his Permaculture properties.

Couer d'Alene, ID - This was an interesting place.  Stayed at a really nice campground, well, decent at least, and the best part is was right next to a Costco, almost next door.  And, by the way, I really LOVE Costco, almost as much as my cats, more so at certain times.  Came here after Hot Springs as was less than a days drive.

Renton, WA - Stayed with a friend here for couple of weeks total.  While the location wasn't the best (parked on side of road), the company was amazing!

Chimicum, WA - Went to the Escapee's Coop here, and while it was OK, it was also far from what expected.  Have a funny story of a lady and maple syrup.  There was a Saturday breakfast that I went to, a precursor to their annual meeting and "in park rally".  I brought my own maple syrup, and sat at a table with couple older ladies.  Hopped in line to get my pancake and whatever else.  As was leaving the kitchen serving area, saw one of the older ladies pick up my maple syrup and carry it to her plate, where she dumped a quarter of the bottle on her pancake.  Needless to say I was flabbergasted.  She handed the remainder back to me like nothing wrong just went down.  Am still too stunned to speak.  After a few minutes of her eating, I then asked...  "Would you like some more syrup?".....  Still in awe and shock.

Vashon Island - Just wonderful, simply wonderful.  Leaving very shortly, unfortunately, but very very happy with the island!  Best of everything though didn't do much at all.

Am sure have left a few places out here and there, and people I talked to

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