Friday, September 30, 2016

Garryowen, MT... Some nifty things

I stayed five days here enroute to another destination.  Only stopped here to so have a place to work and not needing to drive the whole 1,500 miles to my final destination.  Plus they offered Escapees members a 15% discount, off their inflated prices.  Really nice campground though, but expensive for the area.

Now, on my way to next place, will be stopping at a farmers market in South Dakota to get some real milk (i.e. unpasteurized).  Am going to assume that some people, most people in fact, might have misgivings about this due to the propaganda we are fed from the dairy industry, and government.  I enjoy "raw" cow and goat milk, and if have to have pasteurized milk, such as to finish off cereal, will get some pasteurized goats milk, as pasteurized cow milk doesn't appeal to my taste buds.

Just remember, Once you go real, you don't go back.

Have had some icky raw milk, in that it tasted like water.  In cases like that it is because they skim all the wonderful milk fat off and am assuming they sell it as cream.  When pick up a bottle, in states where it's legal, I always look for that layer of heavy cream on the top...  Gives me a stiffy just thinking of it.

Bring this up now while I'm in Montana as it's illegal to get in Montana, at least from stores.  Last year, 2015, a bill was introduced in the Montana Senate to legalize it for certain purposes, but the vote failed by one person...  Milk lobbies and propaganda..  GRRR

In the states where it's not suitable to drink for human consumption, I have to watch my pets drink it...  Makes me sad they can legally partake, but I can't..

Hardin, MT

This town was quite nice, but very small, which also made it nice.

Found a nice restaurant in town, and made the trek there twice (it's about 30 minutes one way).  Restaurant is called the Ranch House Grill.  I must say, the food here was quite good, even though I did have a Spam Burger, it had amazing flavors.  Didn't expect to have such a good tasting burger, with three slim slices of spam nestled on top of the burger, and hidden underneath some super thick cheddar cheese, with a layer of BBQ sauce, if memory serves me.  It was special of the day and it just blew me away, so much so that I came back again.  While they didn't have the Spam Burger again, there was something else that was also quite pleasing, a beef brisket burger.  Also had a slice of pie, with a graham cracker crust, a thin layer of some lemony goodness, and a thick blueberry-esque creamy layer on top.  The whipped cream they topped it with was sickly looking but the whole enchilada was very tasty.

Highly recommend visiting the Ranch House Grill to anyone who passes through town!

Due to where I'm going, I also got a haircut too.  As it so happens there was also a nice little mom and pop hair cutting place right across the street.  Ladies name was Barb and she gave my hair a nice little trim around the edges.  I had cut it myself a few days earlier, but being single, it's somewhat hard to make the back look nice and neat and non-hairy, so normally don't bother.  But in this case did bother and it feels pretty darn good!

Custer's Last Stand

This isn't truly why I chose this place, but as it miraculously turns out, the campground is less than ten miles from Custer's Last Stand.  I drove to the battlefield, paid my $15.00 entrance fee, rode around and stopped at all the little plaques indicating certain events of this battle, then headed into the little museum.  The highlight of this, for me, was they had a display recreating the final moments of the battle, or what they perceived the final moments were.  It was fascinating, heart wrenching, and euphoric.  Was happy to learn that the native americans won this battle!!!!!

Native American Goodness

For a long time, too long, have always wanted a Dreamcatcher.  Today I finally got one!!!  Hooray!

There's a little casino just down the road from the national park, right off the highway.  I went there for lunch, for unknown reasons, as their food isn't all that great.  There was a native american gentlemen that was there and we struck up a conversation.  Turns out he wanted some money to gamble with, which I gave him $5.00, but he wound up helping me fulfill one of my dreams!  We talked for quite awhile and turns out he's a member of the Crow tribe.  It turns out that there were four scouts that were part of Custer's part from the Crows (not Black Crows (the birds)).  That aside, this person pointed me to a native american shop that was right around the corner that had some dreamcatchers!

Went over to the gas station, rode around the corner, and walked into shop.  Turns out the owners were native american, which is a great sign, but not unsurprising due to area am in.  From what I gathered upon talking with them is that most of the stuff is made locally, or in close proximity.  It was full of good stuff, but was specifically looking for the dreamcatcher.  He pointed me to a couple different styles that they have.  They had quite a few that looked really pretty with lots of beads, I mean lots of beads.  Didn't choose that one because, well, you know, cats...  If cats get a hold of that, beads everyplace!!!!!  Bad juju.

So, chose one with leather straps and such, hand painted, and made by someone in Wyoming, which isn't all that far away.  Would've preferred a feather or two, but this should work just fine.

Dreamcatcher hanging in RV

Generally they're supposed to be hung in a window, but I chose to hang it in the doorway by my bedroom.  Realistically this was the only place could hang it without some drilling or other changes.  A fancy dancy zip tie holds it up there, can still see the plastic "tail".

Another thing I got, which didn't expect to, was predicated by the guy at the casino telling me about it.  It's called Bear Root.

Back of Bear Root
It looks weird, smells weird, and burns similar to incense.  Both the free loader guy, and the one running the shop, said they use it to ward off not so good things.  Both said they burn it daily, and the one at the shop actually showed me how to burn it.  That is to break off, or cut, small chunks from the main piece, light with lighter, and let it burn out.  Then, to reburn that piece, "peel" off the burnt bits with needle nose pliers, and relight.  Can do this a few times before the small chunk is all gone.

Front of Bear Root
I'm a firm believer in abnormal things, in that there are things in this world in which people believe that are rooted in fact, but yet there is no "scientific" way to measure if what they say is true, which leads people to poo poo it.  It is along these lines that I am giving this a go.  The two people I spoke to (yes, a "huge" sample size) firmly believe in this.  I didn't get the feeling they were trying to bait a white guy, but one never knows.

The guy at the shop said that the Bear Root, and Dreamcatcher, will work in tandem to keep not so nice things away from me.  The Dreamcatcher, according to him, will intercept not so good things coming in while my spirit is relaxed and unaware during sleep.  The Bear Root will ward off those not so nice things during the day.  This is according to their beliefs, and who am I to doubt what's been handed down to them by their ancestors.  It's all worth a try.

A Quote I found

About closed mindedness

“Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won't come in.” 

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