Friday, October 7, 2016

Sioux Falls, SD events...

Arrived in Sioux Falls, SD on Sunday, and am set to leave first thing Thursday morning.  During my time here have been engrossed in some fact finding meetings.  These meetings are great and life is just great as keep getting to learn new stuff.  Am able to meet with many people, and expand professional relationships to more areas.  This also allows me to spread the word, even more, of the benefits to an RV lifestyle (which are numerous), and how good I have it in comparison to others who "don't think" they have the flexibility that I do.

Last image of bicycle (left)
Sometimes there are little bumps in the road that are nothing like the large bumps that appear from time to time, such as my engine oil leak from last year.  And, here in Sioux Falls, while staying at the Tower Campground, had a bicycle go missing.  Can't say for certain if it's stolen, it wandered away and got lost, or maybe was washed away in the torrential downpours we had Tuesday, but I no longer have it.  This is sad in that I didn't bicycle all that much, but it was more of a sentimental thing.

I purchased the bicycle while in Europe and rode it many many times to the bar, and back.  I then brought it back and it sat in my basement for quite the time, before going to Seattle area, and then on back of the RV.  I've used it as alternate transportation when the scooter was down for various reasons. 

It's a 12 speed Peugot Bicycle, and looks very similar to the Trekking bicycle listed on this page.  While I don't remember exact name and model, do remember the looks.  Have one last picture of it, taken just before the heavy rains and the last time I have physical proof it was here.  To my embarrassment didn't have it secured in any way, no leash, no lock, no nothing.  Have reported it to the campground but didn't report to police as unsure if have serial number of bicycle.  Without the serial number am sure there's not much way I could prove it's mine, unless have a really great picture.  And am sure the police wouldn't give a bike theft much thought as they're busy doing other great things.

Onto other news...

Swollen falls (after good rainfall)
While in Sioux Falls, SD., checked out a few restaurants and went to the Sioux Falls falls, which was surprisingly nice.  Think the best restaurant that went to was actually Wednesday, and it was Phillips Avenue Diner.  I had the Beef Stroganoff and must say it was absolutely amazing, stunning for this dish.  There was a bunch of very tender slow cooked beef on top, along with some bowtie pasta, a sort of gravy mixture that was combined with mushrooms and caramelized onions, with a piece of toasted bread that was scrumptious.  Oh so tasty.

Another view of swollen falls
Another restaurant we went to was Minerva's.  It is a nice and fancy restaurant, but not overly fancy.  It would be a great place to bring a date, have an anniversary dinner, a special night out with family and friends, or anything of the like.  There was plenty of steak on the menu, and a fairly well stocked salad bar. I had the Petite Filet Mignon with a side of rice.  It was bacon wrapped and was quite tasty.  While not the best I've had, it does rank up there.

There was yet another restaurant in a hotel that turned out to be pretty well.  Castaway's is the name and good food is their game.  Had what they call an Elvis burger and it contained Bacon (saved for cats), peanut butter, mostly hard fried egg, and a burger patty, as well as a bun.  All the flavors melded together into something that tasted pretty good.  The peanut butter wasn't overpowering and actually complimented the other flavors.

Soo Tasty, hope they "survive"....  Muahahaha <evil laugh>

It's also my pleasure to stockpile some beers, of the high alcohol content variety, so they'll last ten months, for a great friend in Tacoma.  Currently have three of them in my refrigerator.  Don't worry, these aren't for me though truly thought about it today when got two beers.  This is because one of them is a favorite style of mine, a belgian beer.  These go down smooth as silk, taste pleasant, and hit like a hammer.  Oh my, how I miss these.  I first had one while in Tampa, FL, at a beer place that had over 50, maybe a hundred, beers on tap.  Can't remember name but was duly impressed.

Now it's time to go see balloons in Albuquerque, NM.  In this album there are a few other pictures too, mainly of the falls..

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