Sunday, September 25, 2016

Spreading the good!

This past weekend I made my way from Seattle area to edge of Montana and Wyoming, with a goal to go to South Dakota for a few days..

A little preface though to build up to the climax.

As was heading back to Vashon from a night out (think it was a woo-woo night), spotted a shop.  On a whim, and at the last minute, did a U-turn, then a couple other weird traffic maneuvers, to park in their parking lot and entered the shop.  Was looking around in amazement until one of the workers helped me pick out something to try and experiment with.  With this trusty package in my possession hopped back on the scooter and took off for the ferry.

Long story short, never got to try it out and it sat at my desk unused, but smelling wonderful, in it's sealed package.  The elapsed time was two to three weeks.

Then my journey out of Washington state began and the concern of having this package of stuff was starting to worry me..  If I was going to Oregon wouldn't be concerned, but since was passing through Montana I needed to find someplace to get rid of it.

About halfway to Spokane pulled over to get some Taco Bell, thinking that was the best place to get rid of it.  Upon walking into what I thought was Taco Bell, realized it was Burger King....  Quickly hightailed it out of there and walked across the parking lot to the real Taco Bell.  Figured could easily spot someone that could use this, but no such luck.

The search continues....  And off I went, heading towards Spokane, WA, again.

Spotted a rest stop to go into and have a look around, which I did, didn't see anything interesting so kept on heading on...

At this point was starting to worry and thinking would have to just throw it in the trash.  I paid decent money for this little package of goods and really wanted someone to benefit, so the search continued.  Figured would have till at least Spokane Valley to find a good use for it before needing to ditch it someplace.

So, kept trucking on down the highway and pulled into the next rest stop, where I found an older red pick up that has seen better days, with it's hood open...  Hmmmm.....

Did a quick walk by of the truck as went to use the restroom and saw there was only one person in there, resting or taking it easy....  The hood was up and medium wisps of steam was rising from the radiator.

As did my business in the restroom figured would take a closer look at truck and the occupant.

Approached the truck, a little apprehensive, and glanced at the engine.  Yup, they're definitely taking a rest and letting the engine cool down.  At this point am assuming they overheated.  The driver's door is open and they're letting the fresh air wash over them, enjoying the nice sunny day as much as possible..

So then I blurt out something akin to: "Excuse me, I'm leaving the state and wondering if you could use this?  It's yours if you want it, if not no big deal.".

Their initial reaction was curiosity, then they inspected package from afar, then reached out out to grab it and inspect it, suddenly uttering: "This is exactly what I needed!", as their eyes and voice trailed off in wonder and amazement.

This is where I slightly overstayed my welcome I think, though they didn't seem to care.  My last words were something like, "It's yours if you want it as I have to leave the state".  Their next statement was  "It's been soo long".  Their eyes were still focused on who knows what, looked like lala land, as they were fondling and smelling the gift I gave them.

I immediately shirked away to leave them in Nirvana, elated in the fact that I did some wonderful favor to someone who was in need.

Am grateful that I was able to help someone in their time of need, and they helped me in my time of need before I crossed state lines.

To whoever you are, I sincerely hope it made your day that much better!

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