Friday, June 20, 2014

Good and Cheap

This sounds like a weird title for a cookbook, but it truly looks good and cheap.  The KickStarter project explains it all!

The current PDF file can be downloaded for free right now, though she'll be adding more recipe's later after the KickStarter ends.

In other news:
  • In Connecticut right now hanging out.  No real campgrounds per se worth noting, but here for other reasons
  • Have started pulling up the icky blue carpet and replacing with a linoleum tile thing.  Looks much nicer than it sounds, hopefully lasts in an RV environment
  • Got my RigitBot 3D printer!  Will assemble it after floor is down and couch is in!

While don't have any pictures, will have a nice writeup on my visit in Georgia, Savannah specifically, it is an awesome little city!

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