Saturday, June 21, 2014

Healthy Home Improvement

One of the wonderful things about the Nikken Organization, either being an advocate/consumer, or just knowing about them, is the wonderful work they do in regards to bringing forth healthy living, and not just simply by using their products, though they are wonderful.

It is their partnerships, specifically with the Healthy Child organization, that a significant portion of the good work is done.  It is all being informed on how toxic our environment is and steps to be taken to improve it.

Without further ado, this is the e-book that the Healthy Child organization just released.  It is all about being mindful how go about home improvement by watching products put into the home and looking at what's in the home at every step of the home improvement process.  This also applies to my situation of living in an RV.

The Healthy Child organization has quite a few different relationships with a large variety of companies and organizations, but it's all about creating a healthy environment for adults, children, and even pets, anyone who lives in a building.

This message is for everyone, not just those who have children.

And, a bonus video of Life in Balance, totally goes with this message!

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