Sunday, June 29, 2014

Savannah and odd meeting in FL

So, not really an odd meeting, but more of a coincidence, and I believe there is no such thing as coincidences in life.

I forgot his name, but met a fellow blogger, sfomoto, under a bridge while enroute to Bern's Steakhouse.  Was really great talking to him and we were both camped out under the bridge waiting for the thunderstorm to pass.  I was just putting helmet on again to get going when saw another bike come under the shelter so thought would wait to see who it was, and then we got to talking until rain lightened up.

We traded stories about each others bikes, and the joy/love of riding, and then he asked me what I did....  Am guessing he saw my out of state (from far away) plates on the scooter.  So we started talking about the RV lifestyle and how great it is, and what the limiting factor(s) are.

It is my belief, and I could be mistaken (ssshhh), that the main limitation to living the RV Lifestyle (or any LifeStyle you want to), is in our minds.  Once we clear up the gunk in the mind then we'll realize anything is possible, so long as we can truly believe in it, such as the lofty goal of putting humans on Mars!

So, it is with hope that he reads this, clears out the gunk in mind, and gets on with his dreams...


Wasn't expecting much from Savannah, but some people told me to check out Forsyth Park and all the little squares in the area, as this is one of the areas which "define" Savannah.  There were couple other places I was told to check out, but forgot where they were, ooops.

This park is amazing, there was even a wedding about to take place as was walking around, by a big fountain of sorts.  Plenty of trees and it was a nice temperate day, very enjoyable. One thing that really stood out was a nice looking Bed and Breakfast which borders the park called Forsyth Park Inn.  I was able to go in and take a look around and was very impressed.  If am ever in the area again, without my RV, will definitely stop here as it's in a wonderful location!

From the park just wandered around town, walking to the River Walk and back to the park.  The River Walk area is very active and, while it has touristy stuff, there looks to be quite a few nice restaurants and plenty of things to gaze at.  Plenty of bars too if that's your thing.

Scattered throughout Savannah is a campus for one college, in small buildings here and there.  The college is SCAD, Savannah College of Arts and Design.  They have little stores too where can buy some the students, or alumni?, creations.  Took a peek through some of the windows and talked with people coming out, and very impressed.  Supposedly this college is well known among the Arts and Design people.

While wandering around town ran into an old friend used to work with.  It was amazing and great to see him here. Ran into him, and his partner, at some sort of neighborhood block party stumbled across and turns out that they live within spitting distance of the Forsyth Park Inn was admiring earlier.  It's a small world indeed!  They pretty much just arrived in the city a couple months ago after moving from Chicago! It was super awesome to meet up with them, and they make the bestest green stuff (pesto I think) have ever had!!!!

There are quite a few more things to talk about this wonderful little town, but somethings just have to be discovered on our own!  There are plenty of things to do, at least for an extended stay, and it's a very walkable (or bicycleable) city and easy to get around in.

Will repeat!

EDIT:  07/12/2014 Forgot to add link to sfomoto's blog, and looks like he hasn't updated it in a little while.  He is a really awesome guy and would enjoy talking to him again when our paths cross again.

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