Sunday, December 14, 2014

Undercover Boss

I normally don't watch TV, but am currently staying next to my parents at a campground in Florida.  Every night so far we've had dinner together and spent some time socializing and watching TV (which I generally don't watch on my own) and playing games.

While I get TV is just that, TV, and over half of it is pure ickiness, there are a few decent channels/shows out there (if can tune out the commercials).  One of them was Undercover Boss, and tonight was the first time I saw it, must say am very impressed.

Tonight was a season premiere and had the CEO of True Value on it.  I would like to believe this is one of the few shows that are truly unscripted.  The "unscripting" aspect doesn't take into account the final editing which can make anything appear great, or ungreat.

John Hartmann, the CEO, is a great man and, on the show, it seems like he understands people are truly one of his greatest assets, and everyone is going through their own struggles.  What he does simply dumbfounded me as to how much it seemed like he cared about his employees!  Am sure a good amount of it was due to editing, but he seemed awesome!

If everyone treated their employees like he did, Corporate America could be transformed.  This show seems like it brings some humanity to leaders, hopefully.

I'll be looking for True Value stores whenever I need something that they provide.  Their prices are a little pricey but feel good for supporting this company.

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