Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Elio Number! and other news

I mentioned had signed up to get a brand new vehicle, which will be an Elio, that has three wheels.  Now, I have an official number in line...  Queue the drumroll please....

It is.....



Round of applause and cheers....

So, assuming everyone with a number less than mine gets theirs, and I choose to get mine, I will have one of the first 12,000 vehicles ever produced for Elio!

They have been announcing a lot of options for it, particularly highlighting the technology that will be integrated with InfiniteSkyz.  I have mixed feelings on this, primarily due to security and privacy, though they do have a lot of nice nifty features which are helpful, such as cameras to check surroundings (for safety), and this is one of my privacy concern issues.  One good thing is they're offering things a-la-carte so don't have to buy packages, which will allow the average person to save money.  Plus, they're only supporting Apple devices out of the box, which I have even more mixed feelings of, but that's something else.

Today also got an e-mail from them concerning status on the new motor..  It looks like this news isn't on their blog yet, but they showed a picture of a fully assembled engine.  They'll be undergoing some testing and will be hooking the engine up to a dynamometer end of this month, then a press conference/release thing beginning of February sometime.

The dynamometer will measure engine performance and make sure the engine, as designed, meets their performance criteria.

In other news:

Am still in Florida where it's been between 70 and 80 degrees, with a dip to 60 now and then, but am having a huge battle with fleas... Am following the steps which Paul Wheaton mentions in this article he wrote showing all natural ways of de-limbing the fleas in their tracks..

Olivia is still out on her own and haven't seen her yet..  Maybe my goal was to bring her here and show someone cared for her?  On a plus side, think got most, if not all, of the urine smell out..  Thank goodness for Vinegar, organic of course!!

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