Sunday, February 1, 2015

Self Development in Far Eastern Wyoming

Most everything I've done over the past year or so, ever since starting this RV Lifestyle, has to do with The Meaning.  This meaning is becoming clearer with each passing day and experience.  This past summer I was hanging around my parents place in Connecticut, waiting for word on a commitment I had.  After received word that I was "off the hook" for this commitment, boogied straight towards Idaho/Wyoming border, with a brief stop in Ohio to pick up a scooter, a scooter with a presence.

The scooter isn't reason for this entry though, it is the weekend I spent in Wyoming.  Strange that only way to get there was through Idaho.  It was so remote wasn't even given an address to get there, only some vague directions down a long (and I mean LOOONG) road far away from civilization.  There was still some semblance of cell phone service here, though had to be in one specific location.  Any deviance from said location resulted in no signal at all.

Road to goodness?
Here is the general location of where we were at.  It is a little North East of Driggs, ID.  There is a dirt road that goes off into the mountainous area where people do wildernessy things.  As the picture shows we were very remote, though had electricity out here.  When I took the right to come into the location, ran into a HUGE pothole that rocked the RV back and forth violently.  It was so rough broke one of the wardrobe doors, and the mirror that it contained..

If it wasn't for the cold temperatures and snowfall, this location would've been the top place I would live, even surpassing Vashon Island.  It was beyond beautiful and the couple pictures I have doesn't even come close to doing it justice.

Trees everywhere!
I was packed right above a babbling "brook", more like a tiny river.  The river reminded me of a similar one I saw in Germany as headed towards the Neuschwanstein Castle (or some other castle in that area).  That stream had pure blue water coming down from the glaciers.  It was wonderful to see and one of the treasures of Germainy!

Sweet river o' mine
I spent some of the free time I had just sitting near the stream and listening to the water babble, gurgle, and just make watery noises.  It is like the water was alive, and not in the freaky sense.  While this isn't a good picture, it's straight out, and down, from the entrance to my RV and the river.  River was a good 15 feet below where I was parked.

This was a "typical" Humans Being More course, put on by Nikken, yet it was different.  All the portions that were feasible to do outside we did outside.  Once or twice it decided to rain when we were out.  Will definitely do this again next time it's offered!

My partner during this class closely resembled another friend I met during the permaculture course I attended in Montana, right down to mannerisms and beliefs.  She was there with her husband and they didn't take the course together, which is recommended for the first time.  During dinner the first night I actually got a feeling why they didn't take course together.  Though at the end he seemed completely changed!  This is why I feel everyone should attend the course regardless if they're affiliated with Nikken or not.

Ever since attending this one course I've been keeping a journal of sorts.  This journal identifies the items I want to have happen.  Out of this list I've been keeping, quite a few have already happened with more yet to come!

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