Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Meaning....

Newport, OR beach (copied from www.patandjerry.com)

The meaning for my upcoming journey has eluded me.  While people have asked all the standard questions as to why I would embark on this foolishness of a journey, I could not give them a clear and concise answer until a recent trip where visited a great friend in Newport, OR.
It was during a magical walk on the beach, while enveloped within a passing cloud, where that magical moment finally hit.

During this walk, talking with my friend, and following a beach river and sounds of the surf, it just sprang forth in one moment.  You see, we couldn't see at all as we were walking, in some cases not much more than thirty feet in front of us.  Heard people talking and frolicking and yet we were alone, senses ablaze, just wandering towards the surf.  A gentle breeze was blowing, the river was flowing, and the crash of the surf could be heard.

Suddenly we were there,  staring at the Pacific Ocean.  Thought we saw it couple times through the cloud, but now we are truly there reveling in all it's glory. Can see in clear detail as the mighty waves came crashing to shore, petering out at our bare feet in a whisper.  Nature is a wonderful and mysterious creature.

It was in this magical moment of looking out at the surf, ankle (or so) deep in water, and burying our bare feet in the sand, that it finally hit me.  The Meaning. It was one of the most clairvoyant moments in my life, of one thing, or many things, that have been hindering my progress in so many aspects of life.  The Meaning is very simple to some, very elusive to others, and nearly impossible for me so far.  It is something that I will get out of this upcoming experience.

For now, the real meaning will remain hidden, but for those who have questioned, and will question, rest assured I have at least a part of the meaning, I think it's the most substantial part as it will enable much more.  It's not a feeling, it's not an emotion, it's not related to someone or something.  It is something which I have acknowledged before, ignored, and didn't dare do anything. Times change and now is the time.

And to my great friend, no words can express my thanks to you.


  1. Oh the fog, like the veil, eventually lifted...

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