Sunday, August 18, 2013

First Post, figuring this out

New to blogging

So, this is my first foray at being a "blogger" and am trying to figure this out.  Words come easily, but meaning behind things that I do are generally not really thought provoking.

Am looking forward to documenting the trials and tribulations of being in an RV, for others who think they might want to pursue this lifestyle.

About me

Was born in 1971 in the NorthEast and lived in that geographical area most of my life, with the exception of military service and, more recently, the prelude to starting this blog.

In 2011 moved to the West Coast and embark on the beginning of my life changing journey.  Had no idea what would be, and currently is, in my future.  Am looking at this as just part of a big adventure.

Have been a Software Engineer since 1998 and thoroughly enjoy what I do.  This line of work is giving me the freedom to work remotely and be able to travel, with an internet connection.

Consider myself a jack of all trades, with enough knowledge of a variety of things to get me into trouble.  Some of my talents have completely remodeled homes, worked in kitchens, enjoyed gardens, repaired automobiles, and most anything with computers.  The joy is in just trying different activities.

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