Monday, August 19, 2013

Initial RV Statistics

1994 Fleetwood Southwind - 34' 6" long.  It is a diesel pusher and the interior is in pretty good shape.  The first owner did all sorts of improvements and will list them below, expanding as appropriate.
  • Standard 230'ish HP 6 cyclinder Cummins Diesel Engine
  • Upgraded Diesel engine with Banks Power Pack (to 320'ish HP)
  • Allison 6 Speed Transmission (factory)
  • Original owner installed many gauges.  Ones that work are exhaust temp and oil pressure
  • Enclosed satellite dish on top
  • Generally good condition, carpeting little worn, it's also drab blue, so will be replaced

These are some current issues with it that I am currently aware of.

  • Odometer displays Err1 instead of mileage
  • Some of original owner's custom installed gauges are non-functional
  • Roof needs patching every year (original I think)
  • Fuel gauge appears non-functional
  • Levelers non functional due to fried control board
  • Water pump switch (in stove hood) not functioning 
  • Unsure how to turn on dashboard lights (to see spedometer, rpm's, etc).
  • No air scoops on side for custom duct work into engine.
  • Lifter? arm is worn, a part in the front suspension
  • Some switches installed don't function or are unknown
  • Awning showing signs of cracking/wear

Items have added/upgraded initially

  • Manual Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift

Items on immediate list to upgrade/repair/replace

  • Interior/Exterior lights converted to LED
  • Remove excess wiring 
  • Roof replacement
  • Identify, and label, switch useage
  • Add gauge for air cleaner serviceability
  • Add bypass oil filter
  • Add 3rd brake light

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