Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Patching the roof...

So, we all like roof leaks, right?  Well, I haven't seen any so just patched the roof to prevent seeing it.

Supposedly have to do this roughly every year, until replace it.  More on replacing at a later point, just need to make sure no damage is done by the rain.  Rain damage is not so welcome...

Step 1 - Gather Materials

Ammonia/water, roof sealant (in caulk tube), caulk gun, rag, and roofing "tape"
  1. Cleaner (windex/ammonia/water in my case)
  2. Scrubby thingie/rag
  3. Rubber roof tape
  4. Special caulk for edges
  5. Caulk gun

Step 2 - Clean area

Used a clean rag, and ammonia/water combination, to clean area prior to laying patching tape down
Large spot by front AC Unit
Seam at front of roof just past windshield area

Small one on other side of front AC

Different view by front AC




 Step 3 - Apply Tape after area is dry

Step 4 - Apply Caulk

After applying "caulk" using the caulk gun, spread it around.
Big spot on left side of Front AC

Small spot on right side of Front AC

Seam at front of RV Roof

Final look after 24 hours.

Front seam, looks ok still sticky

Large spot on left side of front AC

Small on right side of front AC

Can't wait till I can get to the step on replacing the roof.  That will be a great thing to do.  Didn't get under the Air Conditioner so that will probably bite me a bit later but overall am quite happy with how it turned out.  How the roof degrades is interesting a little to me, guess it's just like a regular house roof in that regards.  Come on Wofati...

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