Friday, August 30, 2013

Dwindling down....

The last week or so, and specifically today and tomorrow, is being spent figuring out what's important enough to take up weight on the adventure and what's not important enough.  This was fairly easy with an empty shell, but now it's becoming more and more difficult.

Am loading up a storage unit here and was only intending to keep some antiques and family heirlooms in there.  If got rid of these things some grievous bodily injuries would occur from the people who brought me into this world.  This wouldn't be a good thing in my view.

So, as the cupboards are filling up, the storage space underneath is filling up, and the couch is already full, decisions will be made...

Loveseat Monroe Style Drawing
Home Reserve Loveseat
Have already added some items to underneath storage which will be used up fairly soon.  One of the items is a couch/loveseat, from Home Reserve.  Have had this a couple years and haven't assembled it in current apartment.  It will take place of the sleeper couch, and has underseat storage to boot, which is a nice feature for the dwindling down aspect.  There are a couple modifications to make to it, like getting L-brackets and bolt down to floor, cutting holes for the central heater air ducts, and who knows what else.  The biggest problem will be finding way to dispose of the current couch/sleeper bed.

Am filled with both anticipation, and unsured-ness as the clock ticks down.  Tonight is the last evening at my current place before the official start.

Wish me luck!


  1. The adventure begins...


  2. You should publish a set of "before" interior pictures.


  3. Thanks! Will detail each step along the way.