Friday, July 18, 2014

Fine food everywhere!

So, with a little luck, and determination, made it to Ann Arbor, MI, as was informed of a MUST GO TO place there called Zingerman's. The wonderful person who gave me name of this place is into fine food, not glitzy food, but just best you can get without going bankrupt.

What caused them to share the newsletter with me is a hot fudge that is now being carried, called Coop's Hot Fudge!  Heavenly, one of the best things have ever had, and had it cold.  Everyone says, with just a smidgen of heat, this turns into Heaven Reincarnate!  It's a very rich hot fudge, and as all natural as it can be!

This link is direct to their website. Of the reviews I read, all of them speak the utmost truth!

While at Zingerman's, also partook of their sandwich shop and browsed around their well stocked store.  The first thing I noticed was the ambiance of this place, it was just my type of place.  It's in a college town so have a lot of college students there, but it's also a fun and natural company by the looks of it.  They have a thriving deli (didn't go to other locations), and the whole thing took up three or four buildings.  I couldn't get enough of this place!   If it wasn't for the frigid winters, would somewhat consider moving here just for Zingerman's, it was that great!

Had a pastrami sandwich while here and it was a cut above most of the standard pastrami sandwiches I've had in the past.  Can tell they take great pride in everything they do here!

Whenever I pass through this area from now on, Zingerman's is a must stop location!

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