Sunday, July 27, 2014


It is with great sadness that I had to let Mia finish her current journey.

July 26, 2014 was her last day in this physical body.

Looking like the Princess she is

I remember getting her when she was a little furball.  My neighbor at the time, Dawn, said she saw a wonderful little stray cat, huddled and wet, and as Pia at the time was a kitten, she asked me to take in this stray cat as a favor to her.  I just had to do it, not sure why.  This was in March and remember distinctly it was a cold and rainy day.  Dawn was very allergic to cats, yet she brought this little furry bundle of joy to me, cradled in her arms and swelling up herself.

At the time I was living in an apartment and had first floor of a house.  This house has a dirt basement and I put Mia down there for several weeks, hoping to get Pia acclimated to her smell.  Looking back on it this wasn't the best way to do it, but we can't change our past actions, can we?  This didn't work too well from Pia's point of view, as she started hissing right away when reintroduced.

After some time they grew accustomed to each other and would often lay next to each other in bed, and elsewhere.

I remember one time, where I let Pia and Mia outside in backyard at the house, that another neighborhood (or stray) cat came up to Mia and they rubbed each other friendly like.  I shoo'd away the other cat, but now that I think of it, should've just watched what happened.

There were many other moments, but these came to mind first.  We've been together about 18 1/2 years, and she was close to being 19, though can't say for certain.  It is amazing what we take for granted until we no longer can.  This is one of the main things I have learned with Mia, live each day to it's fullest..

I found out Mia was very sick when we were hanging out in Buffalo area.  The day I found out was July 25, 2014.  It is this day that I found she had advanced kidney failure.  According to the vet, there wasn't much that could be done at this stage.  If it was caught earlier there could've been a diet change but that wouldn't have cured her, according to the same vet, just prolonged her life for who knows how long.

The vet in Buffalo suggested I euthanize her right there.  Not sure what prompted me to, but chose to bring her to Connecticut, as was heading that way anyways, to get it done here.  This allowed one last night to gather my thoughts, and emotions. When the vet broke the news I was a shivering wreck, but did regain composure.

Drive to Connecticut was the hardest, and worst, drive have ever had to do.  At least on Friday.  Saturday morning was easier as both Mia and I knew what was coming, and accepted that it is the best solution.  Not sure how she knew, but she knew, and is totally fine with it, as have Scatter to help me along now.

Arrived at vet early on Saturday, about two hours early.  I went inside to let them know was here and would wait outside until my time, but they graciously let us take care of this now. It was very hard to keep my composure at this stage,  Even writing it now is very difficult.  Took care of all the paperwork then it was time...

Went out to RV to bring Mia in and soon as walked in, two things happened.  First is that Mia meowed loudly, was upright and erect, knew exactly what was about to happen, and welcomed it, or so it seemed.  The other thing is I stared straight into her eyes and totally lost it.  I went through a large amount of lactoferrin while we just stared at each other...  As stated earlier, we were both in agreement and she completely accepted what was about to happen.  Really hard to explain fully, but those who've experienced it know what I'm saying. It was the right decision to bring her to this exact vet.

I cradled her in my arms, just knowing it was time, brought her in, and everything was done very nicely, cleanly, and respectfully.  Felt the moment her heart stopped and then couple moments later some of her muscles relaxing.

One last kiss on her head and one final good night.

 "The greatest act of Love is ability to let go"

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