Saturday, July 19, 2014

Memory, and wallet, issues

Just today (yes, a current post), I was about to go out for breakfast, when I suddenly realize my wallet, as shown in a prior post, wasn't in my pocket.  I had no idea where it was.

So, I went into some cash reserves to get some money for breakfast at MUGS.  The food was amazing and the restaurant was great, it was a real local place, and very very busy.  It seems like everyone knew everyone, and I was welcomed there too!  The food was very good (had couple eggs, toast, and pancakes).  The eggs were standard fare, but the toast and pancakes were very good.  Bread for the toast was liberally buttered on both sides and placed on the grill (YUMMY), and the pancakes almost seemed like whole wheat, though not sure they were.  Either way they didn't taste like the "standard" pancake one finds at most restaurants, well above average and scrumptious.

After getting back spent over half the day going through everything in the RV trying to find it (not underneath), and came up empty.  Bewildered and unsure where to go, finally remembered that I had it last at a pizza place (couldn't think of that before).  Hopped on the scooter and went over there.

Before I finished introducing myself explaining that I was there couple days ago and might've left my wallet there, the lady who initially helped me produced the wallet from behind counter someplace.  I was amazed that she seemingly remembered who I was. Very amazed, didn't realize I left impressions on most everyday people I meet.  I did get another pizza (though wasn't really wanting one), and left them a decent tip!

And, for those wondering, Colucci's, in Jefferson, OH, is the pizza place.  Excellent pizza, little lacking on the sauce (for me), but everything else is spot on!  They even use the old Tar Ovens (think that's what they are). Scrumptious!

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