Saturday, July 12, 2014

Know That Right Now....

Somebody misses you

Somebody needs your support

Somebody wants to talk to you

Somebody is very proud of you

Somebody is thinking about you

Somebody wants to be with you

Somebody is alive because of you

Somebody wants you to find them

Somebody wants you to be happy

Somebody admires your strength

Somebody can't wait to see you

Somebody wants to hug you

Somebody loves you

Somebody wants to be near you

Somebody needs you to have faith in them

Somebody is glad that you are their friend

Somebody wants to get to know you better

Somebody wants to share their dreams with you

Somebody trusts you, and wants you to trust them

Somebody listens to a song that reminds them of you

Somebody is thankful for the support you've provided

Somebody wants you to know that they are there for you

Think I got this at one of Nikken's Humans Being More training sessions I've attended, pretty sure it was the last one I attended in Panama City, FL, where picked up Scatter (the new kitten). But my memory escapes me.  This course is not at all about Nikken, it is about us expanding ourselves, personally.  Whatever that means to you is what you'll get from the two day course.

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