Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Newport, OR - Experiences...

Spent about six days in Newport, and have been here before, as mentioned in this post.

Feet in surf, AWESOME!
It was relaxing this time.  Went to the beach two or three times, played in the surf and got sopping wet from the waist down, without even wanting/trying to.  Thought was careful to avoid getting wet, but not careful enough.  It was great fun, though cooler, and will do it again in a heartbeat.  It's part of what am supposed to be doing, having fun, learning to laugh, etc.

Very Picturesque
Raw milk is also very very hard to come by and haven't had the chance to get any..  bummer..  So found some organic Goats milk at Safeway, for 50% off too, ultra pasteurized, better than nothing.

Wallet Follies

Am an Eagles club member, and had just left the Eagles Club in Newport, going south on US101.  Traffic was ok and I was in the lead (YAY).  On that section of 101, there is a bridge which passes over the entry to the ocean from Yaquina Bay, it's a pretty high bridge too.  As was nearing the bridge, and up and over it, gave the scooter some gas and was in heaven.

After getting to the other side thought this crazed lunatic came up behind me, honking the horn, and waving out the window, so pulled over at a car dealer to let him pass.  Turns out he wanted to tell me that saw a cloud of cash appear behind me as was accelerating up and over the bridge.  Turns out, felt in my pocket and wallet wasn't there.... POOEY.  Thanked him profusely and we parted ways.

Turned around, crossed the bridge again, slower (paying attention to any traffic behind me), and sure enough saw some bills which came out of my wallet.  My wallet isn't really a true "wallet", it is something which backed on kickstarter, and really enjoy it.  Found a place to park the scooter, got out, and checked the scooter a second time (checked after he left me quickly) to see if it got stuck someplace, but didn't see a single thing.  Then started walking the bridge, not once, not twice, but four times (twice in each direction).  Managed to retrieve most of the cash, except for six or seven bucks (had less than thirty in wallet), but no sign of the wallet.

After the fourth pass the sun was setting and the search turned up empty, so no joy.

Had a few things in the wallet, Eagles Membership, debit card, drivers license, all the typical "stuff" and didn't know how would replace everything while on the road.  Because of this, first thing the next morning extended my stay at the campground where was at until the following week.

After extending my stay headed off to the police station to file a report, got report filed, spoke to officer explaining what happened, and he wished me good luck in finding it (both figured was in the water).  After walking back from the natural food store to scooter, felt a strong urge to look under the seat.  Lo and Behold, after lifting up the seat, it was right there, in plain view and a little damp (heaviesh rain happened).  Didn't lift the seat last night, but peered around the edges.

Fast forward couple of days, went to local pizza place (Cobblestone Pizza) and my savior was there, working.  It was surreal, and awesome.  Thanked him profusely again.  Spaced out and didn't offer him a reward so went back again but he wasn't working the second time.  I will pay it forward and next time am in town will stop and make sure to give him a reward...  They also have pretty good pizza, in my opinion anyways.

Caution: Woo Woo Zone Ahead

While here, also spent some time with my friend, as mentioned in the prior post.  Had another ground breaking experience.

Took a past life regression course a year or two ago and supposedly saw myself in a few other lives while put into a relaxed state.  Totally surprised me had such a reaction.  The lady who was teaching the class didn't say anything suggestive pertaining to what I experienced, so have no "basis" for what saw myself doing while in the relaxed state.  Feel this friend was in one of the lifetimes I experienced, a very strong feeling.

The ground breaking piece was when we were saying good bye, could've sworn I saw them in period clothes for time frame of when had this past life experience.  Sounds weird and I can't explain it, though am sure that is what I saw.  Sometimes mind plays tricks, in this case it felt like it really happened.

Also had a dream later that night (no, not that kind of dream) where met this 51 year old lady who had an 8 year old kid (think a boy), and it was hers.  Unsure if there is any significance, but was interesting nonetheless.

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