Monday, October 7, 2013

Firkin - A

The Flying Firkin Scooter Club (added flying myself) I joined shortly after moving to Tacoma is a bunch of super awesome scooter riding maniacs.  There is no greater bunch of wonderful individuals, and they always surprised me.  Being around them actually made it feel like a family, a family we can choose, which is the best kind!!

As with any family, there are certain dynamics and lessons we, as individuals, have to learn.  It is because of this that I had to part ways with a heavy heart, but knowing that I'll always be around, in one form or another!

It was a sad day, for me, when I announced to the club that I was going to embark upon this great adventure of mine.  No matter how much I felt I needed to go, felt something tugging on me to stay.  It was a weird feeling indeed.  Take a wild guess at which side won...

They appointed me as King Richard!  The idea came from one of the members, at an overnight camping excursion, or a rally, forget, and it was adopted by the whole club!

As KING, complete with a royal crown, I was able to appoint several royal positions.
  1. Prince John
  2. Jester Jeff
  3. Friar Sean
  4. Knight Lars
  5. Squire (or Mage) mechanic dude
  6. Master of the Horse Robert
Am sure have forgotten some positions (last one can't remember exactly, even name), but it is more about the comraderie and good times, and just being around scooters and having fun, without much, if any, politics (politics are bad bad bad).

Just an awesome group of people.

Could keep going on and on.  Lots of great memories to be had, and what happens at events, stays at events, even with speedo's/thongs involved...

I am honored to be associated with them!

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  1. And we are honored to have you as our King Richard! All Hail the King!