Monday, October 7, 2013

Cheese, Cheese, and ICE CREAM!!!! and WaterFalls too!

I visited Tillamook, OR, which is famous for the Tillamook Cheese Factory!  It was really awesome to see most of the process of making some super awesome cheese.  Of course took advantage of their free samples.
Of real interest to me, and not sure why, was the assembly line where the huge blocks of cheese were cut up into varying sizes (6 and 8 ounce looked like?).  Am sure the sizes vary based on the day,. On this day also seemed like they were chopping up some type of their normal sharp cheese, which am sure also varies by day.

One thing which would have really like to see is the making of the milk into cheese and what it looks like in their big vats.  It looked like this process was all automated and there were several (6 or 8) large tanks where everything was combined and the computer heated/monitored/whatever it does.  Meant to ask about, but never did, what happens to all the whey that is produced.  Am sure it's sold, in liquid or powder form, to some of those muscle man type protein drinks (ukkh).  At least whoever is getting great quality whey from the naturally raised cows in this general area!

It was also real neat, in the viewing area above the factory floor, to see a video playing with some of their product experts, the CEO, and their head cheesemaster (pun there someplace) talking.

Air Museum

While in Tillamook, also visited their Air Museum.  One neat thing about this museum is that many, am sure not all, of the planes are owned by collectors and in flyable condition.  For what it is thought it was really neat.

Was interested in the B17 bomber they had, as well as some of the WW2 fighters.  Regarding the bomber it was awesome to peer inside everything and imagine what it was like to fly them (Am sure I did at some point, cough cough).  Was amazed at the bomb bay and how tiny it seemed.  The bombs nonetheless were very devastating when hit the ground, but the bay itself seemed tiny in comparison to what we saw in the movies, with streams of bombs coming out.  Am also sure that is because this was not one of the huge heavy bombers.  There were some dummies (bombs) in there for show.  The passages, cockpits, and gunner points were also very tiny, almost claustrophobic.  Not much room to move around.

It was really great to walk around and see them up close and personal.  Couldn't climb up to peer in the cockpit or anything (with this one), but was still awesome!

At that time they didn't have McDonald's, GMO's, or other aspects of the Standard American Diet (SAD) of today, so everyone could fit.....

Munson Creek Falls

Now it's picture time!!!
Path to falls (getting closer at least)
Far off view of falls

This waterfall was so much more awesomer than the Snoqualmie waterfall (more on that later).  Snoqualmie generates electricity which diminishes it's awesomeness greatly.  Anyways, this is about Munson Creek!

Getting there was down a long unimproved road (not really passable with a trailer or RV, and had to go slow on scooter, but made it nonetheless.  It was fraught with potholes and other things which were best if avoided.  Got to the end with a small parking area.
Small stream off rocks, very close

Started hiking along the trail, passing some fellow sightseers, when the trail stopped all of a sudden (see picture above).  A tree blocked the path.  Saw others had navigated around so followed their path.  The picture is of coming back, the one I took going was a different path, but came out blurry.

At the foot of the falls, walked onto branches, was awesome
Going to waterfalls is always better with someone else, since didn't have that luxury this time, it was still awesome.  There is a calming feeling about being near them, with all the work that nature does with negative ions and all that happy jazz.  Nikken's Air system does a good job at emulating the good effects of waterfalls such as this.  The feeling of calming it has, the soothing sound of rushing water, just being enveloped within the trees and with nature, that was really awesome!  Plus, the rain stopped long enough for me to get here, so a double YAY YAY!

Unfortunately couldn't get a good picture closer up of the waterfall in action, much as I wanted to and tried. There was all sorts of bushes and stuff in the way.  Nature is Wunderbar (Wonderful)!

SnoQualmie Falls

While in Cle Elum, see this post, took a trip over the mountain to see a real good friend, which was the main reason for going there.
Snoqualmie Falls shot 1

My friend was doing a medicine wheel at the falls, so went there to help make sure they wouldn't be bored out of their mind, plus it was a great experience!

This is supposed to be one of the sacred sites that native americans used to use for their practices and rituals.  All I know is that there is some truth, or wisdom, behind all of these practices. There are too many people, not all wacky either, that have had experiences to chalk it up to full on woo-woo stuff.

Snoqualmie Falls shot 2
Not sure what exactly drew me to come here, but we had 8 hours of scintillating conversation, huddled in a car while watching the crystals which were setup, the rain coming down (heavy at times), and the sun peeping through for a little while.  It was a very unique experience and learned a lot of lessons, and it was really wonderful!

Turns out a lot of experiences to share, and they might be embarking upon the same type of journey I am on, a little different of course, but they're more in tune with nature (I feel some stuff too, just not as much currently).  Worked out a game plan and am sure it will come to fruition!!  GO GO GO, live the dream!  Remember stumbling blocks start in the mind!

The falls themselves I thought were a little lackluster, as mentioned above, due to being somewhat far away (couldn't get a sense of power, and natural beauty, of the falls), and siphoning water off for power generation purposes, not to mention all the people.  Would've been better, in my opinion, if could get closer and just feel the mist, hear more of the waterfall-y type sound, and breathe in the fresh and clean air!

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