Sunday, September 29, 2013

An experiment

I try and think of myself as open minded and willing to try new things.  It is along this line that I chose, over a year ago, to buy an audio book called The Emotion Code, by Dr. Bradley Nelson.

In the book he talks about how the body, and everything, is made up of energy, with the heart generating substantially more energy than even the brain.  As part of his theory, there are certain emotions which become trapped as balls of energy within our body and impede the normal flow and clogs "things" up.  These "things" can be emotional blocks, or even physical ailments, among other things.  In the audio book he gives quite a few examples of how life has gotten better for people, as well as animals such as cats, dogs, and horses.

In the past I have cleared a handful of trapped emotions, using methods heard on the audio book. This time I had a specific goal.  In the book Dr Nelson identifies something called a "Heart Wall", it is where trapped emotions build up around the heart to protect the heart, and the soul, from feeling negative things that are happening/have happened.  An example he gives (not valid in my case I think) is a lady in an abusive relationship, and how she had built one up around her heart made of a metal from outside of this world, which her subconscious remembered from a movie.

That is what I worked on last night, and this morning before hopping on the road.  Here are the numbers as totals for me.

Trapped emotion - 2 (plus an additional 3 or 4 from months ago
Heart Wall - 1 (1 inherited)
Hidden Heart Wall - 21 (7 inherited)

The Hidden Heart Wall turns into a normal Heart Wall after unhiding it, which is simply asking if it exists.  Just a minor difference.

Don't have any performance metrics to measure the outcome with, and I know big changes are coming because of this adventure in total, just don't know any more than that.  Will see what experiences await.  Items marked as inherited are not emotional blocks I created, but ones inherited from parents or above.

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