Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Leveling system

Made some progress in search for leveling documentation.  I will be making this more of a priority so every little move I make doesn't rock the land whale.

After looking at the powergear website ( couldn't find the manuals I needed.  E-mailed support and Bill responded. He was kind enough to attach the required document and showed me where to find it (not sure how I missed it, but did somehow).  Anyways, for those with a 1994 Fleetwood Southwind and a Milwaukee Cylinder leveling system here ya go.  It covers other brands/models am sure.

Direct link to doc on google drive

Troubleshooting steps seem fairly straight forward so will start troubleshooting most likely next stop I do, while engine is idling and parking brake engaged, with multi-meter in hand if needed.

Prior to doing the troubleshooting steps, will coat the fuses and connections with a thin layer of die-electric grease to help improve the connection, after cleaning them a little.

Other news

Do like Moses Lake, not sure what will be happening next year but if it works out will probably spend some more time here.  Quaint little farming community, though there seems to be a fair amount of big box stores and fast food chains, too bad.

Still have to get under the RV to grease the fittings, should've done that already, know time is a wasting and damage is probably being done.  Leveling system first though.

Off to the east a bit more tomorrow.  Overnight dry camp one night and then go to a sardine land this weekend.

There are two natural food stores that have found, and one of them even carried Raw Milk, YAY.  Will have to be careful about which states bring fresh raw milk into as don't want the Gestapo to knock on the door because of that...

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  1. I cant find docs? Can you help. I also have a 94 southwind no power to levelers.thx