Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fly like an Eagle

While this has nothing to do with me staying at Eagles clubs whenever feasible during my journey so far, would like to acknowledge that they do offer a great source of savings compared to a typical RV park/campground.  There is an added benefit of generally not being packed in like sardines and having some free room to move around in, plus no one is watching you like a hawk.

What I mean with Flying like an Eagle is the Eagle Expo that I just attended in Spokane.  This is the reason chose to start my Journey at the time I did.  It's a great kick-off point.

This event offered a great source of inspiration and networking opportunities, not just in Nikken, but overall.  At this expo Ken and Donna Hankins, who have been helping people realize the Nikken dream, have been awarding Eagle Awards for close to twenty (20) years. The awards are presented to people who give selflessly of themselves to help enable peoples dreams come true, while following their own dreams and aspirations.  The recipients have some criteria to meet of course, and I envision myself to be an Eagle award recipient in the near'ish future.  There is no monetary award, simply the acknowledgement among peers that the work we do is valuable and the pride in ourselves of the goals we have accomplished to achieve this award.  Think of it like Nikken equivalent of an Oscar.

Although I am still an infant in the Nikken world, I do share the vision they have to offer.  It is all about living the life that we want to live, about FREEDOM and many other things, both big and small.  About recognition for the accomplishments we receive.  About helping other people realize their dreams.  About spreading goodness and the happy fluffy feeling we all like to feel.

It is more than what I can describe right now.  It is an exciting time indeed.

One of the goals of this Journey that I am willing to share, is to find a mentor, or mentors, or people, that will help me realize the dream, my dream.  Some people get it right away and put into action immediately, some people struggle with the concept, and then there are people like me who know what the end goal is, but has some mental blocks that is delaying acquisition of some goals.  Rest assured these blocks will go away when they are meant to, with some prodding of course.  Have noticed some things happening already......

Nikken is all about enabling Humans Being More, which is their flagship self development course, a one of a kind course that all companies, from small mom and pop places to large mega corporations, should offer.  This course is a proven way of helping people realize what they are capable of.  There is no mention of the Nikken opportunity during the course as they do their best to keep open for everyone, regardless of what participants choose to do in life.  It is all about making us better, enabling our dreams and aspirations for a better way of life, and raising our spirit and removing the "funk" we accumulate.  It's really all about make us LOVE ourselves....  (sssh, I used that "L" word)...

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