Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Toodling around in Eastern Washington

Subway @ Truckstop in Ellensburg, WA
After leaving Moses Lake went to Ellensburg, WA and did my first night of dry camping at the truck stop just outside of town.  It went surprisingly good and am quite happy by the experience.  Was able to barely get internet and finish up work for that day.  In the morning checked house batteries (via control panel above stove) and it was still all 3 lights light so apparently there was very little drawdown.  Purposely used as little as I could to avoid drawing them down, only had one light on and a small power inverter for computer.  Was quite surprised the following morning when went inside.  The subway actually cooked fresh eggs.  Factory farmed eggs, but still marginally better than microwaving.  It tasted OK, but they put way too much oil in the pan (to prevent sticking), and that's all I could taste until after lunch.
Pizza in Cle Elum

That morning headed to Cle Elum, WA, which is a charming small town just off I90.  Prior to heading here checked to make sure could get internet through the Clear puck.  Lo and behold, when got to campground, and subsequently checking out the town, no signal at all...  Big letdown since campground didn't have internet.  Was able to go to a Radio Shack (had a separate coffee shop and also a computer repair place).  There was also a McDonalds with WiFI too.

Had pizza there Sunday night after got back from Snoqualmie Falls and it was pretty ok. For the price don't think it was worth it as not a lot of toppings and had asked for heavy on the sauce, yet they charge me for an extra topping due to that.  Didn't realize till after the fact..  Bad juju there.

Enjoyed Cle Elum a little bit but didn't really spend all that much time there unfortunately.  Yes, the weekend, but went there primarily due to closer proximity to Seattle area and had two events to attend, one Saturday and one Sunday.  It had a real good feel to it, everyone seemed authentic and I even won a 50/50 raffle at the local Eagles club (and got an Eagles "passport" to get filled up).

Left Cle Elum on the way to the Tri-Cities area in Washington.  Followed I90 East until the Columbia River, then followed Route 242 south following the river.  It was quite a nice drive, though hairy at times due to the roads and a very stiff crosswind at times. Crosswind and RV is bad juju.  Made it and had no problems with anything enroute to current destination.  Route 242 turned into Route 240 which brought me right into the area.

While the tri-cities area is somewhat nice, this is one place where need a car or some other form of transportation.  Everything seems to be quite spread out, but it is super fast to get out of town and into the surrounding scrublands.  Great if want to offroad or something, but not many trees to be seen.  Am happy not staying here too long, just felt the need to come here.

Scooter news

So, have an Aprila Scrabeo 500cc scooter that is on the back of the RV when toodling down the road.  Month or two ago put a plug in the tire as ran over a screw after pulled off to side of road to check directions as was leaving a scooter Rally (T-Town Flotilla III).  The tire started leaking again, from the patch area, and noticed it first in Cle Elum.  Will be putting in some tire slime (the green stuff) with the hopes that it will seal around the plug.  If not then will have to get a new tire..  Will try this out at my next stop.

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