Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Quaint little Leavenworth, WA

First stop of the journey was to Leavenworth, WA.

Handle left in Jack
First, have a little confession to make.  Upon leaving Vashon thought had secured all of the important stuff.  Turns out didn't do two important things that I know of.  Have an old picture of my Great Uncle which didn't take off the wall.  Nothing "broke" but a screw came out of the wood frame which holds the picture wire in place.  Easy fix.  The other was leaving the handle for my motorcycle lift jack in the jack piece. Am very surprised it didn't fall out enroute (guess I was "lucky").

Looks like the o-ring for the jack might be leaking a little so time to replace that before something not so nice happens.  Replacing should be a simple task, just need to verify how to fill it up with oil again.  Have the o-rings.

View of "downtown"

Should be beam of light on clearish day
Leavenworth is a quaint little replica of a German town.  It looks German, but with me having been over there in person it just didn't have that real Deutschland feel to it.  Nice and all for those who haven't been but still not quite the real thing.

View looking towards town
Some of these pictures don't do the view, and the town justice.  As I am preparing to leave the town am glad I came but it's time to go on.

Found a little organic store here also, which surprised me.  They carry goodies like Raw Milk, local produce (were out of local eggs though, boo), and lots of other goodies including DVD's such as Food, Inc and others.  Got me some Panda Puffs cereal for breakfast.

Food Pictures

This is a nod to someone I used to ride with.  On rides he would always take a picture of the food that was eaten on the ride, both his and other peoples, whatever looked interesting and fun and good.  All of his food pictures turned out great too.  So here's my contribution.
PIZZA! It was ok.
Lots of Mustard
My Braut, 3 types of mustard and curry something
 First time all the pictures lined up how I wanted!  The Braut actually tasted the "american" style and wasn't as tasty, or yummy, as those in real Germany.  Still OK but not too reminiscent..  oh my tastebuds.  Place went to also had organic turkey thing and also listed one that where they highlighted it contained MSG (not this one supposedly) which was great to know, just didn't expect that labeling.


TeePee drove by, no idea why it was there

River at campground
River at campground

Lessons learned

KOA campgrounds are decent places if like this type of camping.  Feel a little squishy here for me (like sardine squishy) in that we're all right next to each other.  Other than staying at the Eagles on Vashon, this is my first "real" stop on this journey.  Will probably stay at another KOA in the future cause it's not a bad experience, just not one I want to partake of regularly.

Checklist, checklist, checklist, or equivalent.  Need to figure out what works best for me in terms of making sure have everything.

Another thing have to do is put away all of the excess stuff I have.  Am planning to start on that this weekend.  With everything not stored in it's place packing up is a little time consuming, not to mention more things to go bonkers.  Plus things to navigate around when parked.  Will definitely be lightening the load soon.

Will touch base on this in a future update, but disconnect starter batteries when parked...  Definitely disconnect...  Bad things happen to those who are not vigilant, especially with all the custom wiring that's in this one..

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