Monday, September 9, 2013

Cats on the loose.....

Today made my first long trip from Vashon Island to Leavenworth, WA.  Left late due to battery problems (drained battery, more later) and ferry traffic (large Vintage Motorcycle Rally on the island).  Arrived at campground in the dark and promptly plugged utilities in and will dump tomorrow.

It seems like one of my cats, Pia, didn't really like traveling.  She made a mess on the kitchen floor and left bunch of nice little brown poo (quite a bit for her) on the bed..  Guess what I get to do, wash the duvet cover and who knows what else..  Pia definitely lives up to her name in this case.

Granted, shouldn't have gotten upset with her due to the travels (unlike most dogs, most cats don't take the car, or RV, well), but if let this slide without voicing displeasure then that's an open invitation for the future acts.

Am sure it will get better.  The other cat laid down next to me for quite some time, first half of the trip, and was calm as can be.

On the bright side, carpet wasn't affected that can tell.

Looks like it will take a period of adjustment..  Joy Joy Joy...

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