Monday, September 16, 2013

Moses Lake, WA

Not as in the biblical Moses, not that I know of anyways.  Thought about heading a little more southerly on the trip but this was a nice stopping point.  Have to be concerned about internet access for work.

View of Moses Lake
The local Eagles club offers dry camping (no hookups).  Unfortunately I need electricity and currently only have 2 house batteries.  My options are to run the generator for a laptop, or run a little power converter off the house batteries. Either would work but would prefer to plug in so can use air purifier and other stuff.

One neat thing is that it looks like the fridge runs on propane nicely while putzing down the road.  When purchased the RV the prior owner mentioned that, according to his experience, the refrigerator would go out.  I have been planning shorter jaunts for a variety of reasons, this was among the reasons, so things wouldn't thaw out..

Not sure how long will be here.  Planning on going East a little more prior to the weekend and staying near Ellensburg/Cle Elum until Monday.

Right now it's sardine land, but at least have a nice view...

Location of puck
Puck on top of fence post
One thing which surprised me is that have 4G (from Sprint) here on my Clear puck.  Very nice.  At the Spokane Valley Eagles I struggled to get 3G and had poor signal.  Can see with the pictures what had to do just to get a very weak, but steady, signal.

While in Spokane tried to find a new circuit board for the RV leveling system.  It's looking more and more like have to contact the company directly.  Right now am planning to get another circuit board, but then will document what each wire does so can replicate it in the future with an arduino and some relays, or something else.

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