Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Water, oh so nice when it's warm

We all, or at least me, like water when it's warm, fresh, inviting, and invigorating.  And of course warm or hot.

Apparently that is a challenge right now for me.  The RV's water heater seemed to be tempermental.  Unsure if did anything wrong or what.

When first starting it, there were about 3 flicks of the switch to turn on and activate.  And then it was generating tons n tons n tons of warm water.  I then shut it off, at the main switch (above the stove) and went on my way.

Went back to turn it on, and despite my best efforts, have been unable to make any progress on heated water.  Granted, haven't done much and am sure it's something simple which am overlooking, but really doesn't want to activate.  Probably because turned it off, maybe it's a safety feature, not sure.

All I know is that when the water heater doesn't turn on, things shrivel when they're not supposed to...
 Not sure if have mentioned this already, but someone highly suggested I coat all electrical connections with die-electric grease, to ensure a good connection and to help reduce risk of corrosion and such.  This is on to-do list.

Update: Since have been at Leavenworth the heater has turned on as needed, when needed.  Will continue to monitor.

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