Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Overhead light repair...

While in the Tri-cities area, found an RV parts place as am looking for a control board to fix the hydraulic leveling jacks.  Didn't see any control board (and forgot it, but did find a reasonably prices overhead light fixture.  Couple days ago, while in Cle Elum, one of the overhead lights decided to fail on me, primarily the switch which turns it off, 1/2 on, and full on.  So got an exact replacement.

Smart thinking me brought some electrical repair stuff with me, but why is it can never find open rolls of electrical tape.  Each time have to do something like this, either search for 30 minutes to find an open roll already, half the time not finding it, or open a new one.  This time opened a new roll even though have several opened rolls floating around.

Anyways, it was simply a matter of snipping the wires, removing stuff, and wiring it back in place.  Not much to it really.  Some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Old fixture, before doing anything
Black wire snipped and joined to new
Both wire-nutted and taped
 The captions should explain it all, but this was a really simple light fixture removal/install.

The original wire nuts were crimped on so had to snip the wires, but snipped them as close to wire nut as possible to preserve wire length.
Bare ground wire hooked up.

Out of habit, wrap electrical tape around the wire nut as some extra insurance.  Sometimes the wire nuts have a tendency to come loose, and especially with vibration of vehicle this is easier.

Completed!!! And it works

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