Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ridgecrest, CA

This place is pretty much out in the middle of nowhere.  Ridgecrest, CA is home to a Naval Weapons Testing Facility (I think).

One neat thing about living this lifestyle, is that I can go anywhere I want to.  While Ridgcrest isn't a premium tourist destination, do have relatives there.  They had no idea what I've gotten myself into (I don't either really), so showed up one evening, knocked on the door, and made them speechless, unfortunately not for long.  Only one who wasn't speechless was the pee dog (story on her).

Gave up two of my Arduino's, a real one from Italy and a clone from Adafruit.  The recipient was more than pleased, almost ecstatic!  I'm not to blame if it interferes with their SO time.

Went to the Indian Wells Brewery here (Inyokern actully).  One neat thing about it is that they also make their own soda with real, honest to goodness, ingredients.  Not organic but beggars can't be choosers at this stage.  They also have another brand of soda there, which don't think they make, but there are some wacky flavors.  Am sure most of these are generic ones like Cream soda and such.  It's more of a novelty thing.

Examples of flavors:

  • Red Velvet Cupcake Cookie Dough Bites
  • Gross Gus's Dragon Drool
  • Gross Gus's Pirate Piss
  • Lester's Fixins Buffalo Wing Original
  • Lester's Fixins Pumpkin Pie
  • Fidel Castro's Havana Banana
  • Cream My People
  • Gross Gus's Pimple Pop

It's my goal to either consume these myself, or watch some poor wretched soul consume them, in a "blind taste test" thing.

Besides brewing beer and making soda, they also do Whiskey.  It did look nice in the bottle, complete with a rubber, or wax looking type thing, for a seal on top, and an embossed logo too.

The brewery has a pretty good restaurant overlooking the valley (see city lights twinkling).  The ambiance lends itself to more intimate conversation, and the twinkling lights were quite nice.

One thing which almost surprised me, if hadn't known already, is that my internet puck, through Clear wireless, actually works quite well in this town.  Had 4G coverage on the Sprint network.  Am sure that is mainly due to the military base, as the same coverage was spotty in Bakersfield, CA, which is a fair size bigger.  Because of this was able to stay at Walmart and bounce around a little without resorting to paying for a campground.  YAY, thanks Walmart!

Am still looking into satellite internet.  Most of the companies assume you're at a residence and it will be a permanent install.  Have yet to talk to them about this lifestyle to see what options are.

One pleasant surprise about being here is that they have a natural food store that makes smoothies, but also has a tropical gazebo type thing in the store, to sit and enjoy smoothie.  Pure Healing Foods, and the two gentlemen working there seemed great!  The smoothie was awesome too!

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  1. I checked the brewery out and it is an amazing place I would love to visit it someday. While I am there maybe I will be able to meet the Royal Family of the King. Not sure about the Gross Gus's Pimple Pop but I would like to have some Beer and Whiskey.