Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Trees, oh wonderful Trees

This is another reason why I really believe in nature, and being as close to nature as we can, to revel in all of it's wonders, mysteries, and even the tragedies that occur.  Try as we might it's still very difficult to understand, just like me at times.

Jedidiah Smith State Park

Stream bed
Thanks to a user on Reddit (many thanks to them), was given a heads-up about this park that is just a stones throw from Crescent City, CA.  Plus many more wonderful stops they alerted me to.

Took a nice leisurely ride through the park and was just amazed at how awesome it was.  For dry camping, it was $35 a night, which seems a little pricey, but the whole place was great!  That is what camping should be like, not the "typical" RV parks that I have been seeing..  ugggh.

Stream @ Jedidiah Smith
Again, this was pure heaven.  If only there was the remote chance of getting some type of internet access would've parked there in less than a heart-beat.  This was a real treat.

The park ranger then told me of a popular place to go hiking amongst the redwoods, Walker Road.  I went to the very end of the road there, where it turned into an almost impassable gravel and sand area.  If was in a car, or RV, would've never made it far as I did, but the wonders of two wheels, and the desire and motivation, to get away from the crowds, brought me to a little slice of heaven.

Debris from Redwood Grove
One thing which took away from the stand of trees I found, which annoyed me, is litter that I found strewn around.  I couldn't just leave it there so bagged it up and took it to the nearest dumpster.  Am lucky in a way as there was a bungee cord among the debris as well as enough plastic bags to bag it all up.

There was no one around me and was able to spend well over an hour or so just being at one with nature.  This was a great place to be and just relax and explore everything.  Being with the trees like that is so humbling, it made me feel like I know nothing.  They, the redwoods, have seen so much and will continue to grow even after earth worms engulf me.

While there, it started to sprinkle, drizzle, light rain.  It was so peaceful knowing that I was safe, and dry, as the overhead canopy absorbed and deflected all the rain.  Sat at the base of one of the giant trees and just reveled in all the glory that surrounded me.  Powerful.

Getting there

To get there, detoured from US 101 and took US 199 to Jedidiah Smith, then back to Walker Road.  Going to Jedidiah Smith was wonderful and full of nice twisties.  I gave it some throttle, kept wallet safe in chest pocket, and enjoyed leaning into everything without following someone.  This ride was amazing and would do it again in a heartbeat, assuming the roads are dry and free of debris.

Trees of Mystery

The same user on Reddit also mentioned this place.  It looks from the road to be a typical tourist trap thing, and to some extent it is a little bit, but there is a hidden gem within it that was very nice indeed.

The owner, who is a 92 year old vibrant lady, has spent a good portion of her life building the place up, and as part of this, creating a very nice museum dedicated to Native Americans, and Indigenous cultures from all over, but focusing on Native Americans.  This seems to be her main purpose in life and why she built the Trees of Mystery business, to fund the museum.

While I didn't meet her, even at 92, she still works and during the summer and is there most of the time.  Her presence wanes off a little during the cooler, rainy months, but she still makes an appearance now and then.

The museum is wonderful.  Got a good feeling by all the artifacts, in great condition, that she has been able to amass.  There were 2,000 year old stone tablets/things and everything was very tastefully laid out and organized, honoring their life and heritage.  If only I could've touched and held some things it would've been infinitely better, but the purpose is to honor, and preserve, the Indigenous people (Native Americans and otherwise).


  1. I know what you are talking about with nature. Being next to a rushing river is probably my favorite most relaxing place in the world.

    1. A rushing river, or babbling brook, is also one of my favorites, and part of my future plans!