Friday, October 11, 2013

Oregon Coast Food awesomeness

Food, Glorious Food

Mollies Food Follies - Newport, OR

This is really a Mom and Pop place.  I met Molly while sitting at the bar (having a soda/pop) at the Eagles in town and we really hit it off.  She told me about her restaurant and figured would stop and see how it was..  It was AWESOME!  Her husband (I think) also works there, hence the pop.

The hyper link (in the subtitle) contains the approximate location of her restaurant.  It's within a complex just south of the Oregon Aquarium.

Went twice, had Biscuits and Gravy the first time, but asked to have hash browns underneath instead of biscuits.  It was great.  Had something very similar to this, which was GREAT, at the Old Milwaulkee Cafe in Tacoma, WA.  With just a tad more butter in the potato's this would have equaled the other one, it was that good.  The sausage gravy was homemade and so delicious.  Kudo's to Molly.

She makes most everything from scratch.  Prices are reasonable for the quality, not bargain basement but decent.  Peach pies were in the oven the second day I went, and only had a grilled cheese, which was good, but nothing like potato and gravy..

Cobblestone Pizza - Newport, OR

This pizza, as seen in the photo, was very full and yummy and tasty.  It is the best pizza have had since leaving the North East (my favorite pizza place is there).  Had them put extra sauce on it and it was really awesome!  Plus my savior works here from the wallet incident.

Dishner's Fine Foods - North Bay, OR

Was surprised at this meal..  I generally don't care for "chicken fried steak", as have had it on couple occasions, and it really hasn't appealed much to me.  HOWEVER, this one is different.

Don't know how they did it, but this one was simply amazing. Really Really Really amazing.  Some of the gentlemen, and the bartender, at the Eagles highly recommended this place, specifically the Chicken Fried steak.  Said I wouldn't be disappointed..  I can say I was not disappointed.  It was really that amazing.

Amazing enough that am spending another night here just to go there again!!!!  Did I say it was amazing enough already?

Mandy was the waitress, and she is beyond awesome! Make sure to treat her well.

Tillamook Cheese Factory - Tillamook, OR

 While I reviewed the cheese factory itself, left out one very important aspect of this, the Ice Cream!

Ordered a waffle cone with two huge scoops of ice cream.  The ice cream was very good, a little soft but still very good.  What set this apart, for me, was the waffle cone itself.  I would've been very happy if only had 1/2 scoop, or less, of ice cream, and the waffle cone.  It was crisp, yet flaky, decadent and delicious.  Best waffle cone ever, truly.

Would've been even better with two waffle cones, yum yum.

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