Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lubrication is King!

As with anything in life, and with more things than we care to admit, Lubrication is everything.

As part of lubricating, have found the following blog posts to be very informative, and have helped me out so far.  Primarily for greasing things, which is uber important for long term maintenance. Part 1 Part 2

I started the lubrication process, and my oh my, some of the places were dry as a bone, primarily U-joint area, which is bad bad bad..  It kept going in and in and in and didn't see any coming out.  Stopped as didn't want to put too much in but will revisit.

Am surprised at the number of grease fittings.  With the grease gun I used (have two of them), couldn't get about 1/2 of the fittings.  Am using the "typical grease" that we all think of, brown and sticky.  Have a different grease gun, which came with the RV, but it's filled with white petroleum jelly, and they wrote RV jelly on it so not sure what it's purpose is for.  Couldn't hurt I guess if it fits some of the places I can't get to.

While underneath greasing saw something which appears to be a minor coolant leak.  Nothing on the ground but there was a newer brass fitting that was wet all over the place.  In this case wet is bad..

Daily preventative maintenance tips, over at

This has a great checklist for basic things to do.  Have a little problem currently in that it's a royal PIA to get to the rear engine compartment because of my motorcycle lift on the back.  Not sure how to make it easier, maybe put grease in the receiver hitch to help it slide???  Haven't done anything as don't really know, but it's a pain...  With the motorcycle lift in place it's impossible to lift the access panel for the engine in the rear, as it lifts up from the bottom.

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