Monday, October 28, 2013

Richard Being More

This is about my recent experience in Nikken's self development course called Humans Being More.  Have been more than once, and each time is my first time as always at a different point in life.  This time was my most profound experience yet.

As was in Vegas, and realize that everything which happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas, I had to break that and take this experience with me since it's one small piece in the larger puzzle of why I am on this journey, as identified in The Meaning.

Isamu Masuda, founder of Nikken, was enthralled by a very similar course he participated in, and modeled this course after that one.  This is one of the primary reasons why Nikken is a Network Marketing company, instead of a traditional one marketing through traditional channels.  His vision was, and still is, to change the world one person at a time, by giving people a vehicle in which they can realize their dreams, small, big, or gigantic, while helping as many people achieve the same type of freedom.  This is why he came up with the Five Pillars.  Now if could get politicians and corporate executives to go through this course life would be better all around, but it all starts with us.

One of the goals of this course is to identify, and bring to light, any items which are blocking our personal progress at this moment in time.  It is then up to us to take action, or not take action.

The course utilizes several exercises over the course of two full days to identify what we need to know at this time in our lives.  Unfortunately can't go through everything in detail, but here are my take-aways that am sharing.

Two Words...


Thought had the commitment thing figured out.  Here are a few of the examples I can think of where I have given my all as was fully committed to the final result.
  • Stopped pursuing bachelor's degree due to work commitments, during a tough time with an impossible client. - Success but a mistake, achieved work result at high cost to my future
  • Committed to joining military, had surgery to join and served proudly - Success
  • Committed to stop alcohol from controlling me - Success
  • Committed to stop smoking - Success and much easier than people think
  • Committed to refurbishing my home from top to bottom - Success with help from lots of great people!
  • Committed to many small, arcane projects here and there - Success and awesome!

I am one of the odd people who have to be emotionally attached to a project, or an idea, or something, in order to give it my all and be truly committed.  If am not attached emotionally, then the thing languishes, eventually gets done (maybe), but only half-heartedly.  This applies to anything am involved in.

The part I was missing about commitment though, is that I have to be truly committed in myself first and foremost.  If not committed to myself then I languish, wander, and wander some more.  It is dreams which propel all of us forward, or should propel us.  And the desire, and NEED, to live them!

It's a hard concept for me to put in words, but that is the gist of my revelations with this word.


The times prior to this, that I have said, or typed, this word I can count on one hand, with all the fingers (thumb included).  Maybe a little overflow onto the other hand, but doubtful.  This has eluded me so far (sorry mom), and have always referred to this as the "L" word, much like the "F" word (or F-bomb) or similar hand gestures.

Am not sure why it's been hard for me to say this word, or even feel it.  Grew up in a loving family where it was used quite often.  Could possibly be from a past life, or any number of things.  Within the last couple of months though have had some experiences here and there where some unseen force was tugging at me, and my heart and mind, not to leave some places, but leave I had to do at that point.  Life works in mysterious ways at times.

Either way this word has been a huge struggle for me, but now it's a necessary part of life to at least understand, and use it.  Don't worry, Love won't be every other word out of my mouth, not just yet.

Not sure what it means to finally realize this word, Love.  Will spare all the details from here as I really think this has stopped me from experiencing many positive things that most people have experienced, but it has also most likely prevented serious heartbreak.

Just today, saw an article about the divorce rate, and it stated that the divorce rate is 50% in the US, but the article theorized it is closer to 80%, due to "repeat offenders", meaning 2 or more marriages.  My limited theory behind this, never having experienced the positive or negative of relationships to this degree, is that people either think marriage is good for them, due to a checklist they are ticking off of what the other person has, or their emotions, such as guys thinking with their 2nd brain or women believing they love someone who is abusive.

What I believe they don't have, and it's due to many factors, is a symbiotic relationship between the heart and mind.  This is where, in my humble, and naive, opinion, where true and undying love occurs which most people don't fully understand.  The checklist is good, the emotions are great, but there is always a balance that is often unknown, or worse yet, misunderstood.  It is this balance that the 20 percenters have.....

In my opinion, discovering, and nurturing, this symbiotic relationship between the heart and mind is one of the primary goals of the Humans Being More course.  It really is that important.  It's a great thing anyone can attend without being part of Nikken!


Head is still swimming after realization of these two words, and unsure what it all means.  Guess I will realize it in due time and am sure will have to uncover more things in relation to these two words.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

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  1. I love you and, no matter what, always will love you!!!