Friday, August 29, 2014

Time at "home"

Well, time at my childhood home that is, as the RV has been my full time home for about a year now.

I left Florida around April (I think) and headed north, destination truly unknown.  When headed north passed through Savannah and stumbled into an old friend living there!

While in Savannah area I was hemming and hawing about where I should go as originally wanted to head west directly from there (probably through Kansas City), though knew there were things happening back "home" that I wanted to partake in, or at least visit some people after a three year absence.

Heading to the NorthEast won out for a variety of reasons, and more than once.

It was during my time back there that I had some interesting experiences, from seeing couple coworkers transfer to other companies, Mia passing away, and morning waffles (blueberry and cheese).  I kinda miss the waffles.

I was able to spend several weeks at my parents house each time, plugged RV in and playing Yahtzee every night, with ice cream (on rare occasions popcorn) and cookies.  It was quite fun and I was actually able to tell my Dad "NO" without him reprimanding me.  This was when he made a "mistake" in counting the dice...

While there I gladly helped my parents clean out the house, which had 50+ years of accumulated "stuff" in it.  A fair amount of that was items they also inherited from their parents or other relatives.  They actually did a lot already and it was a pleasure that I could be there to help as needed.

While here, I also had a couple moments that helped me further define The Meaning, which is my purpose for this trip.  One of the things is I was able to relate more with my parents as they truly did the best they could, which is all we can ask of everyone.  Maybe this was due to absence of alcohol on my part, maybe because of my current trip, it's hard to say.  I did learn that I even taught my mother a lesson she needed to learn, which in hindsight is great to learn, though at the time it was painful (the booze helped though!).

The house is where I grew up, on 2+ acres with a good set of woods behind, a man made pond, and a lot of work that they did to raise us all, plus couple extra now and then.  Not sure how they really did it, and though I don't remember much of my childhood (or anything for that matter), am amazed what they (my parents) accomplished with what we had.  And how well everyone turned out, for the most part.

When I left both times it was very sad and many strange thoughts went through my mind.  It is difficult, very at times, to see a house once full of life and material stuff to be so empty and devoid of life.  My parents stayed in their trailer, I stayed in my RV, and house was just empty.  Even now I'm saddened a little about it, but this is all part of life. We grow up, move on, and whatever else that happens.

Know that this happens to countless people every day, but different when it happens to yourself.

Still have quite a few good friends, and great places to visit, back in the NorthEast, so who knows when will be back.  However, I am most positive that was my last time to stay at my childhood home.  Hope echoes of children echo throughout the halls again!

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