Monday, September 14, 2015

Lessons... Learned... and Learning....

Have had some time to think over the last couple days as been waiting for my rear main seal to be replaced..  It has been a "comedy" of errors lately.  All simple, yet stupid things, that have tested my patience and delayed my urgent feeling / need to get on the road.

My main disappointment is not being able to get on the road from what I deem an acceptable time period in which to fix what needs to be fixing.  There are some lessons to be learned from this, for me and others.

First is I need to depend on others, tough as it might be.  This is something which I've always had trouble doing, and it's even more difficult now.

Second is that I can't show how upset I really am to the people who I must depend on.  This, in my mind, only aggravates the situation.

Third is dealing with the delays, oversights, and mistakes that happen, at the least inopportune times.

Fourth is putting forward a happy face while dealing with utter disappointment at not being able to advance at a more reasonable pace.  This is closely related to the second item.

Fifth is finding silver lining, a reason why I have to stay in the area.  There's a reason, always a reason, that things like this happen and continually plague us when we have to wait.  Maybe it's a lesson I need to learn, maybe it's a lesson others need to learn, or a combination.

Sixth is making sure things don't get stalled and am doing what I can to help the process along.  Am limited in what I can do, but pitch in wherever I can to streamline things / make it easier.

Overall am elated things are still moving forward, and even today there was forward movement.  So far I don't think it's the fault of anything in particular, just a slew of things went awry in all the wrong sequence, like a perfect storm, or a perfect learning opportunity.

Beer is still safely in the fridge, unopened, and awaiting for me to give it away to a lucky recipient, though thought was there it wouldn't be given away.

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