Sunday, September 27, 2015

My first horse ride!

One of my things for coming to New Mexico this time was to ride a horse, and by golly, I did just that.  Was splendid and wonderful having such a powerful, and intelligent, animal to interface with.

Have had relations with this horse for a week or so, feeding her, giving her treats, and even watching her poo and pee, they're not shy of anything.

Her name is Copper, and we've gotten to know each other quite well.  She especially likes it when I come over and snuggle a little prior to giving some treats.  Am still analyzing what happened but really had fun.  Copper seems to be a thoroughbred and was trained very well prior to her going to the rescue.  She's leading a really great life here!  A really great life, especially with all the "candy" (alfalfa) that she's given!

One thing I was told, and am sure there are differing opinions, but horses expect a leader, a true leader.  It was a little shaky at first, but I was able to control her fairly well.  Was on Copper for about 15-20 minutes and had a splendid time, though almost got decapitated before it finally sunk in on what I had to do.  We were going towards the shelter at a good clip, and well, she wouldn't listen to me until I put some meaning behind my voice, which was unusual for me.  Very great learning experience.

Horses continually test us to make sure we're still worthy of riding, and maintaining a leadership position.  It's just in their nature.

Another point, which I handled fairly well, is she got startled by another horse in an adjoining pasture.  She quickly spun around and I was a little shaken though was able to remain seemingly calm while getting her to stop and relax.

It's one thing to watch a horse in the pasture, another to watch it being ridden, and still another to feel a living being underneath you.  With every breath she takes I could feel all her muscles moving, could tell when she breathed in, held her breath, and released it.  I think, after a little learning period, she seemed content, and confident, in my abilities to lead her.

When got off of Copper, my knees seemed weak but I felt good, even just had a chill go up my spine over to my right shoulder..  Really felt like we connected.  Onto more tests tomorrow.

Prior to getting to the pictures, have a lead on place in the area to get some unpasteurized milk, goat or cow.  Can't really drink regular pasteurized cow milk anymore, it tastes too weird though I was brought up on that. But, it's really for my two cats, really, I swear that they'll drink some...  Honestly..  I know you believe me, really I do...

Copper showing off, definitely a riding horse, almost a show horse?  Looks beautiful!

Copper prior to me riding.  Seemed little difficult to switch riders on her.  Beautiful eyes

Copper and I about 1/2 way through.  She really is wonderful

My favorite picture!  She's very beautiful, and looks relaxed, yet alert!

A view of copper after I exited the saddle.  Was wonderful

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