Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Island Life and a little bump

My journey started on the island, and for the last couple years have always circled back to the island.  There is something magical about this place that haven't seen anywhere else.  This year in particular, when was on the ferry, felt very giddy, like a schoolboy type of giddy.  Not sure why, nor am I questioning why.

There are many advantages to Vashon that I adore, such as:
  • Rural type living 30 minutes from Seattle
  • Abundance of small farms and farm stands, using honor system for payment
  • Trustworthy individuals.
  • Somewhat isolated from mainland by a fairy
  • Small town feel with a sense of community
  • Wide variety of people live here, from super well known to, well, you can guess
  • Small town feel, mostly all mom and pop locally owned stores
  • Miles upon miles of open road to explore, with minimal, if any, traffic
  • Surrounded by water, glorious water, to help clenase things.

For me, the island has a special feeling to it.  Almost feels like a "home" type of feeling, though at least one thing is missing and haven't put my finger on it yet.

This is somewhat like my feeling on the coast too, like the Oregon coast, where there is also magical things about walking into the surf and enjoying the cool (or cold) water swirling up around ankles, then calves, and if not careful, knees or higher..  But it's also where The Meaning came from too, wandering in the cloud bank, then all of a sudden it lifting...  Exciting and wondrous all at the same time.  If these two feelings could be combined think that would be the epitome of life, for me.

General area
This also leads me to my current quandry, an oil leak.  It surfaced as I was dumping the tanks getting ready to leave the island for a scooter meeting, and then off to my next destination, which is over a 1,000 mile drive.

In the picture it shows general area of the oil leak.  There's a housing that contains the flywheel.  According to engine manual it can also contain other things, though those other things went over my head.  On middle to left is the engine, on the right is the transmission.  Thing in the middle is a bell housing of sorts where the flywheel is, and am guessing, a shaft leading towards the engine.
Closer View

 A closeup of the area is shown in this picture.  As can see there's a ring there where the oil was leaking out.  Am unsure why there's no bolt here, and why oil was leaking out.  According to mechanic, pressure should build up in this housing / flywheel area, which would prevent oil from going past the rear main seal.

Now, using my thumb as a measuring guide, stuck my thumb up there and it fits neatly in the hole.  Measured thumb and it's about an inch wide.  Followed by an index finger and felt something up there.  Upon close inspection, and verification from a mechanic, tis a flywheel.  Not that I can fly with it, but it's used for momentum on the engine, among other things.

Hole and spinning thing
This picture shows the innards of the hole, and flywheel as it's rotating.  When stuck finger in hole, with engine off, coul feel some threads on side of hole.  This, and looking at engine manual, confirmed that mechanics are probably right in that there should at least be a bolt here.  Have looked around where have been for the last month and no bolt was in sight so not quite sure where it could've gone.  Will be putting some LocTite on here when put new bolt in.

One thing that struck me odd, very odd, is that diesel engines, even in 1994, seem to use METRIC stuff.  That blew me away as didn't expect that at all.

Will update again on what final resolution is.  Am optimistic the plug will solve it and keep the flywheel area fairly dry.

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